Saturday, 30 January 2010

Happy New Year

Well I had a feeling this might happen because my patients is about as long as a caterpillar (I even stopped writing this sentance to pick at my fingernails) and I loose interest in things very quickly - it is a wonder I am still making this blanket because it will be a year come March! So yes I did expect that blogging would fall by the wayside but I suppose this is better late than never.

I have moved flats and this is very exciting because I have the sun now all day long (when it's out) and things are warm! I've seen people move into my old flat (I didn't move far at all!) and I feel sorry for how cold they will be.

Enough about that, this is the blanket so far! I'm 10 rows in so thats just over half way, cannot-believe-it! It's definitlely going to fall into March though but I guess a year isn't bad by my standards.

These flowers are making me smile too, I got the vase / jug in TKMaxx today (another impulse buy) and I couldn't be more pleased with it!

This blue and white cushion is a new addition to the already full-of-cushions sofa but I think it's quite a nice one, unlike the ugly cushion below. People seem to like it! The colours are bad. They used to be in the blanket but I decided early on to omit them (apart from the odd middle here and there) and I'm so glad I did.