Monday, 31 May 2010

When the sun is shining

I do love it when the sun is shining, I can't believe there is anyone in the world who doesn't! It allows me to spend some time out on my balcony, water my plants and potter around. I love pottering! I tried to grow a variety of seeds this year but only the nasturtiums have grown and everything else either didn't grow or grew a little bit and died!

I got a lovely thyme plant from Ikea recently, it's looking nice here but it's a bit bedraggled at the moment (I think it needs a bit more watering!)


This was a great find from a car boot sale which had a little plant stand, I think it cost me 99p including a pot! It should grow nice tomatoe cherries but sadly they're not good for eating. I was happily surprised when it began to sprout tiny white flowers, how pretty.

Ornamental Cherries

These I think are snap dragons although they have died down now :( Hopefully being bulbs they will come back next year to provide more colour and fun.
Snap Dragons

Lastly is one of my favourite plants, Saxifrage. I had a "Four Winds" variety last year but I think I over watered it and it died off! Apparantly being an alpine they like good drained soil. A lesson learnt might just save this little one


Monday, 17 May 2010

Lovely bunting

It's been a busy time here but nothing gets in the way in a bit of crochet goodness! The Granny Square blanket I've been working on for the last year is so nearly finished now and it's been getting some good responses so I am really really pleased.


I've also had a go at some more sewing and decided to make some more bunting :-) I do love bunting, I really do! This was made up of a mixture of old clothes, Ikea fabric and ends from Leon's Fabric Superstore in Chorlton. Love love love it!


Monday, 3 May 2010

Happy Bank Holiday :-)

I've got lots of little crochet projects to show you (very exciting!) which I've been working on over the last couple of weeks and have only just got round to uploading to my Flickr account. I've wanted some bunting for aaaaageeees and I've seen various tutorials on how to make hearts but my favourites were the ones on Lucy's blog / flickr (Attic 24) although the tutorial is from Bella Dia .

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them (and only really started after buying a stash of pink wool) but they've ended up becoming bunting (surprising!) and I'm very chuffed! Have a go, they are very easy to make (if I can, ANYONE can)

Crochet Heart
Crochet Hearts
Crochet Hearts
I haven't totally given up on my monster blanket, in fact I think I've got less than 20 squares left to make, and these are the middles needed. I'm out of the green and purple wool so relying on my friend having some left over or it will be an unfortunate* trip to Abakhans.

*By unfortunate I mean really really good!

Granny Squares

Last but not least I thought I'd better get round to showing you my mittens, even though it's May now and becoming quite warm! I'm really please with them although to be honest I could have picked a better colour choice. They will do for now :-) They are loosely hugely inspired by Attic 24 again although I actually made them in the same way the jar cosies were made, just starting the next round a few crochets later for the thumb holes and finishing earlier, this means there's no seam down the side :-)

Crochet Mittens
Crochet Mitten