Monday, 4 July 2011

Anyone for a cuppa?

A brew, a pot, bevvy, cuppa. Whatever you call it, if you live in England you probably drink it... Tea!!

Hope you are all good by the way and if you're in the states that you're having a wonderful Independance Day. Happy 4th July! I really enjoyed reading the comments about my Glastonbury post, it was so lovely to hear about other people who have been and about people who have been involved in other festivals. Woodstock?! I'm VERY jealous!

Wayyyyy back I got into knitting Alice's Spring Explosion Tea Cosie from Crochet with Raymond (see here) and I was pretty amazed that I managed to get it looking right!

Admittedly it's a little too small, and I crocheted the sides upto the handle a little too much together but as a first attempt I'm happy.

This was it then.

Knitted tea cosie

It's taken me a long time to get round to embelishing it but I finally did a few weeks ago and I really wanted to share it with you!

I haven't been quite as creative with my flowers or leaves and they're quite basic but I really like them. The leaves ended up being improvised because I couldn't find a pattern I a) liked and b) could figure out! They were something along the lines of ch 12- into the ch work dc, dc, htr, htr, tr, tr, dtr, tr, htr, dc and so on.

The flowers were a magic circle, ch 2, tr 3, ch 2, sl * repeat 4 times.

Tea Cosie

Tea Cosie

The yarn for the leaves and flowers were from my swap stash that Nanita sent, I didn't have any other greens before so couldn't make leaves that stood out from the pot, I'm so glad I do now! Thanks hon :-)

Alice was also very helpful and patient with me! I got stuck (very early on) and sent her a rather frantic message pleading for help!! Even though she probably has lots of comments and questions she was super lovely and explained what to do. A proper nice person :-)

x x x x


  1. It's a beautiful tea cozy! Say, when you told about the Glastonbury Festival it got me thinking of the 2 rock festivals I helped put on in 1969 (I know, I'm ancient!) - and I did a post on them and gave a link to your blog. Not sure if you saw it.. hope you look!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wow, the tea cozy looks amazing! Feeling quite inspired to make one myself now :)


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