Thursday, 14 July 2011

In rainbows

Hello! Happy Wednesday afternoon :-) The weather is absolutely lovely here, it feels like we might have a proper summer afterall! It's a shame it wasn't like this on Friday because my mum took me to the RHS Hampton Court flower show (and you know how I love gardening!) and it rained quite a lot. Nothing was going to stop us from enjoying ourselves and getting down to some serious plant buying; we just hid in the Rose tent while the rain did it's thing :-)

I present to you the product of two women and a garden show! Thank goodness my brother came, I don't know how we'd have carried everything. He took many many more photos (I took 4...) so as soon as he gets them online I'll pick out a few good ones to show you.

So onto more crafty things then. You may remember back here I said I'd been part of a Ravelrly swap and got sent loads of amazing yarn, well I finally put some of it to very good use!

Phone pouch

I've made a little phone pouch for my android incase I drop it, which I have a habit of doing! It's a very simple design, just rounds of trebles, slip stitched at the end so there's no seam.

Phone pouch

I found a cute button in my button stash (from an old top) and made a little chain ring to fasten.

Phone pouch

It was a really quick project which is something you need from time to time isn't it? I have so many long term projects on the go (I actually have 4 WIPs on the go now...!) so it's nice to see something finished for once.

Although improvised the general gist of this pattern is from Lucys jar jackets (I call them jar cosies!) over on Attic 24, so you can pick up how to make it properly over there. I just stopped doing rounds when I reached the top of the phone and did stripes for a flap.

Right I'd better be off because I have a million and one things to do, but I've lots of posts to share so hopefully I'll be back very soon :-)

x x x x

P.S I have 38 followers!!! I'm on the slow count up to 40 when I'll be having a little celebration :-D Thanks guys x

P.P.S! I knew I'd seen inspiration for the pouch and I just stumbled upon it! Sahm Saritha at Rainbow Bunting made a very lovely pouch for a friend and although the colours are very different it definitely made me want to make one!


  1. Gorgeous phone cosy! Love love love the colours.. I really should make myself something similar for my blackberry.. I just have to many things on the go at the moment..!

    Ashley xxx

  2. Tell me about it, I have a folder saved on my computer of inspirational things I intend to make and never find the time! This ones very quick though so for a one off project I'd recommend :-)

  3. The nicest phone case I have ever seen! :)

  4. Oh I love the little pom pom Dahlias! And also the phone case. I should make one myself. I'm hoping the new iPhone comes out in September. :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I love your iphone cosy - it's very cute!
    I'm a sucker for a gardening show too, and when I last went to Hampton Court Flower Show I ended up buying a wheelbarrow to put everything in :)

  6. Love the phone pouch! So cool that some of 'my' yarn is in it :D Enjoy the sunshine, the wheather in Belgium is absolutely horrible and the whole country is pulling its hair in desperation and frustration. It's madness I tell you! Now I am obliged to buy some more yarn to brighten up my indoor activities :D

  7. I must make one. Very cute and practical!

  8. Thanks Nicole for mentioning my blog here!!One small thing(no big deal but), My name is Saritha not Sahm.

  9. Oh dear!! You have no idea how silly I feel Saritha - I edited from my phone and quickly looked up your name - well I thought it wa your name, I now realise it means stay-at-home-mum!!! Oh dear :-) I've changed it, but not without leaving a bit of my sillyness for all to see... :-D


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