Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tuesdays not so tallies. It's not even Tuesday!

Wow! I've just been so busy making hexagons I didn't have time to post my third Tuesdays tallies.

Do you want to see all my hard work? Here it is!




Um... Oh wait... I haven't actually made any hexagons whatsoever this week. FAIL! I really do feel like a terrible failure - not even one! Not even the middle circle of one. Nothing :-(


But... In my defence I have been really busy! I have a few finished projects now and repetative strain injury of my middle left hand finger (it's the yarn tension) so I'm in serious need of knitting/crochet rehab. No more til next Tues when I'm back from London.


Do you want to see CJ though? I love him, I don't really want to part from him.....!!




I love his vacant expression. He looks very confused! The funny thing about him is I spent ages making his front stripes stop half way across so he'd have a pink belly but then I put the pouch on and you can't even see!

See how he's a bit of a Danger monster and a bit not? The face is the same as Rebecca Dangers monsters and I used her pattern for the pouch but the patterns from Quilty's Corner which is a fab blog and looks to have some other very neat patterns I want to try!


I found a video demo for how to knit in the round with a circular needle instead of DPNs and I've made a start on a Daphne leg so we'll see if I manage this a little more successfully! ALittleBitSheepish also gave me a good tip for working in a small round in the comments bit of my last post which I'll try if circulars don't work either so thanks very much!

Drops Paris yarn

I also had a bit of a yarn de-stash but only a little one!

This is some of the leftover Drops Paris from my first granny stripe blanket. I may complain about it's splittyness but I really love the vibrant colours!

Drops Paris yarn

I decided to use this for a phone pouch for another friends birthday because I think it will be really durable and won't start to bobble like mine has!

Phone pouch

Phone pouch

Phone pouch

I hope it's the right size, it's for an iPhone but I don't have one so I made a cardboard one which was so rubbish!

Ugh I need to pack now because I'm going to London tomorrow. I love going to London but I hate packing and always procrastinate until the last minute!

Take care all your knitty crochety bloggy people!

x x x x

Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday feeling

Horray it's F-R-I-D-A-Y! That means no work for two days and a lie in tomorrow! I have had serious wake up issues this week I just can't get myself out of bed :-( I'm looking forward to a glass of wine later but only later because I can't knit with wine because I can't see or think straight with wine...!

I'm working on a new project for my friends birthday next week - it's ok there's no chance of her reading this!

I was really hoping to make a Danger Craft monster so I bought the Daphne and Delilah pattern but after opening the PDF and trying for two hours I just couldn't do it!

The first step is to Cast On 6 sts onto DPNs which is 2 sts on each needle, just too fiddly for me even though I made a jar cosie with DPNs a few weeks ago *Sigh*

So I got a lovely free and easy pattern on Ravelry that you can see here! I am definitely giving it a Danger style face though :-)

Knitted monster

Haha it looks like a pair of pants doesn't it! I'm pretty sure it will work out though, I just hope she likes it because it's put One A Day on hold til it's done! The colours look a bit weird here (they look a different weird in real life!) but that's all quite monstery isn't it?

I still can't stop knitting this though...

Diagonal stripey scarf

I LOVE this wool!!

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a day in town while J is at work. Horray for me time!

Have a lovely weekend all!

x x x x

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tuesdays tallies: 3

One a Day Banner

I can't believe Tuesday has come round so fast, so fast in fact I forgot it was Tuesday and nearly didn't post my Tuesdays tallies! You'll have to forgive some of the bad photos, I've only just taken them and it's dark so the lighting is t-e-r--r-i-b-l-e*! It's been good to see the progress of all the other projects, I think my faves have been the hexipuffs! So complicated looking and time consuming but absolutely worth it.

*I had to retake them :-)

Anywho it's gettings late here so luckily for you I can't chat on too much :-)

Day Thirteen
Day Fourteen
Day Fifteen
Day Sixteen
Day Seventeen
Day Eighteen
Day Nineteen

And here we are!

Before & After 2

Week 3

I think I probably need another half again. I'm not quite decided yet but I think I'll know when it gets there. Then there's the fun of making half hexagons!

I'll see you soon!

x x x x

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Knitty business

Good evening all! I just wanted to pop in and see how everyone was doing. It's the end of the weekend and I've only made one hexagon, no knitting, sewing or anything! I don't like these weekends. I can't even say we've been busy with amazing trips or visits to friends but we have just cooked a roast dinner!

Sweet hearts

Yesterday J and I rearranged our livingroom because we were bored and it had been the same for two years. We learnt that we'd put things in their old places for a reason but at least things look a little different now :-)

What have you been upto? Maybe it's still your weekend and you haven't finished. I'd love to hear!

Millie Colori

I'm still loving this wool, it's absolutely beautiful. It's actually 50% wool 50% acrylic which is great because it was probabl y50% cheaper and seems to be 50% less itchy. Win win!

I frogged the straight garter stitch scarf I'd been working on and now I have something that looks like this

Diagonal stripey scarf

It looks a bit wonky but I can assure you my stitches are exact so I'm going to block it at the end. What do you think? I really like it! It's still garter stitch but with an increase and decrease on either end which makes it just a little bit more complicated and enough to keep me interested.

Moss stitch scarf

My lunch break Moss Stitch scarf is also coming along nicely too. I make sure this is the only project I take to work because I know it will be forgotten and never finished!

Dotty bunting

Time to get another hexagon done! Good night and thanks for visiting, it means very much :-)

x x x x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesdays tallies: 2

One a Day Banner

IT'S COLD!!! I am NOT enjoying the tail end of hurricane Katia, it's so windy here I've had to tie all my plants down, my one and only sun flower had a run in with a blown over chair (it didn't make it!) and I've been wearing ear plugs at night to drown out the noise.

Listen to me moan as if we actually have bad weather in England! I'm sure this is laughable to people in New Zealand, Japan and America... But we Brit's love a good weather moan don't we?! :-)

Well enough of that for now - it's Tuesday which means it's One a Day update time! I've not been doing too badly! Had a wobble at the end of the week so played catch up on Saturday in between buying more tropical fish with J; you'd never have known if I wasn't so honest.

So here we go...

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Nine

Day Ten



Day Eleven

Day Twelve

I've decided to sew the hexagons in at the end of each week so when it's done it really WILL be done, yay!

before&after copy

Hexagon blanket progress

Hope you're all having a fab evening!

Check out The Gingerbread Girls blog for links to everyone elses Tuesday's tallies :-) I'll be looking as soon as I get 5 minutes between exam revision, work and living!!

x x x x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

More projects!

Achoooo! Ahem don't mind me, I've got a case of the sniffles (or man flu if I were a man!), maybe it's all the wind and rain recently or not enough sleep. Please ignore my whining though, it's best not to encourage me to feel sorry for myself :-)

I've been loving reading all the blog posts about the One a Day CAL and what can I say! I leave my computer alone for like two days (I also upgraded to Windows 7 (yay!) so am only just using it again properly) and look just LOOK at all the commments :-D AND I now have 61 followers. This is mind blowing stuff!! I'm looking forward to reading all the updates on Tuesdays Tallies and of course sharing my own.

Over on Ravelry Nanita my swap buddy posted photo of an amazingly cute cactus she made! Nanita has produced lots of lovely amigurumi (I was lucky enough to have received some in my swap yay!) but sadly has no blog, but you should definitely check out her Ravelry projects :-)

So... I got a bit inspired to make my own!


He now lives with my pin cushion cactus from & Made:


*Terrible blurry photo!

On Saturday afternoon I bought a little addition to add to my stash, some gorgeous Mille Colori from Lang Yarns which I bought from Purl City Yarns in town. Perhaps too much excitement ruinied my immune system!

It is actually amazing to work with. Initially I knitted it up with 6.5mm needles but the stitches were too loose so I frogged and started over with a 4.5mm. I wanted to try a 5mm but I don't have this size and being impatient I began but 4.5mm seems to be perfect.

Garter stitch scarf

Garter stitch scarf

Unfortunately I'm not quite as thrilled with is as I thought and the patterns very basic so I'm going to frog this too and try this pattern which is knitted diagnonally. I'll see how this one goes, who knows it might end up frogged again!

Time for some sleep now!

x x x x

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesdays tallies; One a Day!

One a Day Banner

Carole has started a Tuesdays tallies to share how far we are with our One a Day projects. I've never been involved in a weekly thing like this so it's quite exciting and means I will definitely be updating more often. Aren't you thrilled?! ;-)

You can see Caroles first Tuesday Tally here and it has links to other participants :-)

So here we go!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

If you're in the One a Day CAL send me a link to your blog or ravelry page!

x x x x

Sunday, 4 September 2011

One Two Three

Hello there!!!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, although it might be over depending on where you live in the world, or it might still be in full swing! Madness :-) I'm having a very quiet and chilled weekend after the last one. Yesterday we didn't do anything (ok we went food shopping) and today we arent doing anything either (ok apart from seeing family later). I really like these days because I can MAKE STUFF. Yippeee!

This morning J had a long lie in so I got to scour the web guilt free and catch up on all the blogging & ravelrying that's been going on. I feel a bit bad about spending too much time on the computer at home, like we should be doing other things so it's nice to have a little me time to see what you've all been upto; a lot as it would seem!

Carole aka The Ginger Bread Girl has started a crochet-along (CAL) called One A Day and it's really quite simple; you pick a project and make one piece a day til it's done. There's no pressure to get things finished and one a day seems (to me) more than manageable!

I've decided to join and finish my hexagon blanket which has been quite neglected. I can still get on with knitting and sewing and make one hexagon a day surely!?

So this is the first three. Today is my day 4 but it's only 4.30pm so I have ages to make #4!

Hexagons (One A Day CAL)

You see! Progress is being made already :-)

Hexagons (One A Day CAL)Hexagons (One A Day CAL)Hexagons (One A Day CAL)

I've been doing more sewing too but I really can't show you right now - for your sakes I promise! You see in November my friends having a craft fair at her house, following a very successful one a few years ago which I went along too. This time she's asked if I want to sell things so I thought with it being so close to Christmas I'd make some decorations! So I've been making felt tree decs and xmas bunting. I'm just worried it might send some of you over the edge, what with it being the 4th of September so when the craft fair finally arrives I let you see!

Ok, off now to do a bit of nephew sitting. See you soon!

x x x x