Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fall backwards

Hello! I've decided to have a bit of a makeover but just a very subtle one. It's very much part of my personality that I have come to understand and live with that I have a very short attention span and get very restless!

This morning

Like a few weeks ago when I insisted we re-arrange our living room even though we really had everything in the best place (well so we thought)! I can't watch tv or films without picking up my needles, hooks or phone. I like to think of this as "multi-tasking"; I'm just too busy to do one thing at a time!

This is partly the reason I seem to have so many WIPs on the go.

1. Hexagon blanket
2. Moss Stitch scarf
3. Diagonal striped scarf Stripy snood / cowl
4. Cable mittens
5. Fairisle scarf
6. Knitted squares worm / snake
7. My mums pink scarf
8. Snowflakes for babies spending xmas day in hospital

Moss stitch scarf is a slow burner but is going well and if I keep doing a few rows at lunch I should get finished some time this year. I'm not too fussed about fairisle scarf (too many scarves on the go I think) and the knitted squares are almost joined to make a snake / worm toy.

I'll post some snowflakes in November when it's acceptable to show Christmassy things but essentially they are to decorate cots of babies who will be spending Christmas day in hospital. The lovely Lynne on Ravelry has organised it as her baby son had to stay in hospital over Christmas when he was born. If you want to join in just have a look at the thread on Ravelry (you might have to join but it's free and a great website!)

Did you notice number 3? Yep I frogged it again! I loved the stitch but it was way too thin for a scarf and would have been quite useless so I've decided to make a snood / cowl.

Knitted cowl / snood

I wanted it all in garter stitch but having knitted on a circular needle one sides garter and the other is stocking. Oh well, I have the best of both worlds! I've also decided if I need to buy more yarn (because I think the circles quite large!) then so be it. I will NOT be frogging it again!!!

Knitted cowl / snood

Knitted cowl / snood

Something I have finished are these spotty handles for my crochet hooks. None of my hooks have ever had handles before and I wasn't sure I'd be a fan but it's a massive improvement! They are so comfortable to hold I was really surprised :-)

Hook handles

I need to get packing now, I'm going to stay with my Uncle & Auntie for the night - my folks have come up for the weekend and they only live across the Peak District from us. Thinking about it has me very excited! Hope you also have an enjoyable weekend too :-)

x x x x

P.S don't forget that in England the clocks change tomorrow and we get an extra hour in bed (or awake if you prefer!) Remember; Spring forwards, Fall backwards :-)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesdays tallies: 8!

Hi hi hi! Guess what!!! I completely mis-counted my hexagons when I was playing catch up so instead of being 3 days behind I am actually 3 days ahead - WOO HOO!!


Welcome to Tuesdays Tallies week 8!

One a Day Banner

I forgot it was Tuesday and nearly stayed late at work, then I remembered and had to rush home to catch the light for photographing! When the clocks change I think I'll have to wait til the weekend :-(

I haven't sewn in my new hexies yet (or edged many of them) so there will be lots of fun this week doing that. I quite enjoy it actually and I sew my ends in as I go along - not because I'm one of those annoying people (!!) but because I use Sarah Londons joining method which you need to use a needle for (so you might as well keep sewing!) and I sew the hexies together. Trust me if it wasn't for this my ends would be very much loose!

So time for a mega catch up then!!

Fourty OneFourty Two

Fourty ThreeFourty Four

Fourty FiveFourty Six

Fourty SevenFourty Eight

Fourty NineFifty

Fifty OneFifty Two

Fifty ThreeFifty Four

Please click the One a Day banner to visit Caroles blog and give her encouragement along with the other people joining it - it really is difficult to keep up and we're all trying our best :-)

Right time to pick up J now, I'll be blogging later about more cables and hook handles!!

x x x x

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Hello!!! I thought it was about time I posted on a day that isn't Tuesday although truth betold I've got a lot of WIPs and not a lot of FOs to show you but we'll see how we get on :-)

Two weeks ago we were mostly having torrential rain and hurricane type winds but this week has been pretty lovely, the weather could even be described as beautiful!

The light is just stunning (but not very good for taking photos of crocheting!)


I've had a big garden tidy, the sweetpeas are gone along with a few other plants that haven't survived the battering. It looks much neater now, it wouldn't surprise me if we had snow again soon!


Enough of the weather now, how British! I'm really excited to share this with you... A few months ago I posted on Ravelry asking if anyone knew where I could buy coloured knitted needles from as mine are all grey. I've seen lovely hooks on eBay but no needles.

Beautiful presents

My absolute new best friend EVER Donna in Canada replied saying she did and before I knew it had been to her local Michael's Store (a brilliant craftshop in North America / Canada) and bought me some needles! Needless to say I was flipping over the moon!

Due to a bit of a postal strike (!!) and possibly a boat trip (?) the needles spent 52 days travelling but they are finally here! If I thought I was excited a few months ago this was nothing compared to how I felt this morning when the postman came! I had sort of given up hope of seeing them and thought they were missing across the Atlantic but they are here!!!

Knitting needles

Aren't they wonderful!!

The most amazing thing about all of this is Donna paid for everything and just said I could pass on the good karma by doing another person a good deed :-o Well I certainly will be, I have one massive big deed to owe (or lots of little ones!!)

Beautiful presents

Donna even sent me two balls of Vannas Choice yarn which is much talked about across the pond. The red will make some lovely Christmas decorations I think and the black will be so good for amigurumi because I always need darker colours for that :-)

Knitting needles

You might notice some other needles at the bottom too!

Knitting needles

A couple of weeks ago when I went down to London to visit my family we visited to a town called Rochester and look what I scavenged from a charity shop!

Vintage needles

More knitting needles that aren't grey!! I'm having a bit of a needle overdose aren't I!

After the DPN fiasco I decided I needed to learn cables instead, well let me tell you this was a MUCH more pleasant experience. I love cables! They are so easy, you don't even really need a cable needle (a DPN will do, horray a use for them!) so I made a fab little coffee mug cosie for a friend at work:

Mug cosie

The pattern is on a blog called His Glory Hand Knits and it was very simple to follow.

Mug cosie

Here it is doing it's job on a coffee plunger. Apparantly it's actually very useful which is of course a bonus!

Mug cosie

Time to do some housework / laundry now I think. Booo! See you soon

x x x x

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesdays tallies: 7

One a Day Banner

Hellooooo! Hope you're all doing well, I have been a VERY busy bee lately, not so much with my one a day but with life in general. Did I tell you I passed my exam I had a few weeks ago? I was SO surprised I can't tell you. I even got sent a certificate and a badge in the post; a badge!!! :-D hahaha

Tomorrow I have to go for an interview for my job, it really sucks because I want to stay on my team! I know I complained last week about wanting more time to crochet but seriously when faced with that prospect I am very greatful to have my work!

So to the One a Day... I haven't taken any photos of the new hexagons I've made but I thought I'd share a little "progress so far" photo!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 7

I still have no idea how big this is going to get but it's definitely at a decent size now where I can snuggle under it as I join!

If you're in the One A Day or just want to see how everyone else is doing click the One A Day banner at the top to see this weeks post by Carole :-) Thanks for stopping by!

x x x x

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tuesdays tallies: 6

One a Day Banner

Guess what!! I haven't dropped off the face of the universe and I haven't left blog land :-) I'm actually writing this post a day early and lets be honest I've only had two weeks to get something sorted to show you...!

Two weeks back my excuses were presents for other people - you guys were loving CJ and the iPhone pouch, thank youuu!!! Both were happily received :-)

Last week I had no excuse, I just hid and didn't post about my second week without hexagons...!  Life just seemed to get in the way of living, every second I spend working I wish I was making stuff but if I leave then I can't afford the nice things I like, so I guess I'll stick at it :-)

This week I promised to make it up to myself and all the other One a Day participants. Would you believe if I said I've nearly caught up on all the days I missed? You wouldn't?! I'll have to prove it then!

Week 4


Week 4

I almost managed two of every colour, that's a lot of sewing in to do!

Week 4

Stackable goodness

Twenty TwoTwenty Three

Twenty FourTwenty Five

Twenty SixTwenty Seven

Twenty EightTwenty Nine

ThirtyThirty One

Thirty TwoThirty Three

Thirty FourThirty Five

Thirty SixThirty Seven

Thirty EightThirty Nine


THERE! I am totally guilt free now and back on target! I can't tell you how lovely that feels :-)  I'm going to try and catch up now on reading everyone elses blog because I'm really missing this part of my crochet / knitting life!

Much love to you all :-)

x x x x