Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tuesdays tallies hiatus

It was good while it lasted! I knew when I joined The Gingerbread Girl's One-A-Day project that eventually I'd get sidetracked and I'm finally read to admit it happened a few weeks ago!

I will definitely get back into making my hexagons but for now I want to make other things and I don't want to feel guilty for yet another week of no updates so I'm going to jump ship for a bit but hopefully I'll rejoin!

It's not all bad though, it means I get to make awesome stuff like this!

Crochet christmas trees

Crochet christmas treesCrochet christmas trees

They're from a pattern I found on Ravelry HERE and they were very easy to make (I was sick while doing it which says a lot!)

They are going to look lovely when I get all my other decorations. Only 9 days to go until decorating day!!

I had a pretty busy weekend just gone, the folks were up from the South and we had a good mooch around the Manchester Christmas Markets. I should have taken some photos, I'm sure there will be loads on Flickr, because they're brilliant! The only two things missing this year were the goulash soup stall and the wooden mushroom man, both stalls I would have made purchases from (probably several of the goulash!)


I also got my sewing machine back out and made this:

Chalk bag project

I know it's not terribly exciting but I really needed a chalk bag for climbing and I was pretty outraged at how expensive they are! Most are about £13 upwards (I found some for £20+) and it didn't even include chalk!!

So I did what all good creative people do and I had a go myself. My dad (yes my dad!) helped a lot with the sewing, who knew he was actually quite good! I thought I got all that from my mum :-)

Chalk bag project

Chalk bag project

We can blame the wonky eyelets on him (even though there wouldn't be any without him!)

Chalk bag project

Look at the lovely fleecy lining! I know it doesn't really go with the outside but I love it. Soft soft soft :-)

Time to go and pick J up now!

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  1. What a great little bag, I reckon the lining colours match up well with the stripey fabric. I'm not sure my dad would be good on a sewing machine.....when I was a kid my dad decided rather than getting my mum to re-sew buttons on his farm overcoat, he put bolts with nuts on the end and put them through the button holes.....never very pretty, but enterprising!

    Love your little Christmas trees, I haven't even opened my Christmas decs book yet...shameful!

  2. I adore your little trees. And the bag.. I'm such a bag-a-holic! I love them and I'm not sure why - I could easily have a whole room full of them.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That bag is great and I think the inside goes nicely with the outside. Good job.

  4. Aww such cute little trees, and I'm impressed with the chalk bag! The Christmas Market is already functionning in Manchester then? I'll have to wait for the yummie stuff until Friday, opening in Brussels! It's going to be very pretty, do come over for a weekend, we'll have glühwein and waffles with chocolate! :D xxxx

  5. I am hoping that when my Christmas gift crafting is all done I will have time to make some little decorations for the house. I love crochet Christmas trees and the lovely little stockings that people are making as well.
    Your bag is awesome.

  6. This time of year is a time of making little projects for decoration, gifts etc. So I totally understand the One-a-day break.

    I have the same thing with my pebble rug project, but I will stay active in the One a day group with a new project (hexipuffs). Although with a slow past ;-).

    Love your trees! Great idea.

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  8. The bag is beautiful.
    Love the trees too, off to have a look on Rav now.

  9. Good for you to take a break. You should not feel guilty at all. You will finish your hexagons, but for now, you have Christmassy things to do. I adore these sweet trees and just printed the pattern myself. Thanks for sharing! :-)


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