Sunday, 19 February 2012

Snood ta-dah!

Well I did promise that this year I'd start finishing projects instead of starting them and since I've made two hats and started another ripple I thought I'd ought to complete at least one thing! Then I finished two :-)

Right after making my Russian Dolls skirt I immediately set out to make another )now that I knew what I was doing!) I bought some polka dot fabric straight away and cut out the pattern. And then it sat in a bag until last Sunday :-)

Polka dot skirt

It's navy blue and I added some white ric-rac (I love it!!) to the top. All the details of the pattern can be found on the link above :-) I went down a size and it's a much better fit. I have to admit though after wearing it once I noticed some of my stitching needs tying off a bit better!!!

The pattern is only £3 from Burda Style here.

Anway I digress.

Snood time :-) You'll remember this started as a straight garter stitch scarf and then a diagonal garter stitch scarf but I wasn't happy with either!  Before I go on I just wanted to say that the yarn (which I love!) is Lang Mille Colori, I chose colour 053 Green/pink/purple:-)

Garter stitch scarf

Diagonal stripey scarf

So then out came the 4mm circulars!

Knitted cowl / snood
Stripy snood
Snood progress...
It kept growing!
Stripy snood

And then last week I finally finished casting off :-)

Finished snood :-)

This is the stocking stitch side

Finished snood :-)

And this is the garter stitch side. I love both! I'd only intended to have it as garter stitch but being on circular needles even though I purled every stitch the "back" came out as stocking. I'm glad it did though!

Finished snood :-)

I wore it all last week with pride and finally got round to "killing" it today. It was very very curly at the ends so I decided... To iron it! It was well worth doing, it's a lot floppier now and easier to wear.

I made up the pattern, cast on 200 sts onto 4mm 80cm needles. At least I think they're 80cm! Before ironing I thought I could have used more stitches but now it's stretched out a little I'm really please :-)

Horray one down only a million to go!

x x x x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Baby hat ta-dah!

I was all ready to give you an update on the baby hat I've been making but I realised I never even showed you the progress! I don't even think I mentioned it :o

So there will be no referring back to previous posts, just a good old ta-dah :-)

Cable hat

I've dabbled in cables ones before and they're very easy to do. The lovely Joanna Donaldson who I met on Ravelry sent me some hat patterns and the cable one stuck out the most. I-have-to-make-this!

Luckily two of my friends and Js sister are all having babies in the next two months so there's lots of opportunities for hat making!

Cable hat two

This is number two already half finished :D

x x x x

Saturday, 11 February 2012

What we do when we aren't blogging

Hello people :-) I'm sorry for being a bit absent lately but I haven't been in the right place for blogging. I caught up with reading some of my favourite blogs this week and one post from Little Tin Bird really struck me and made me realise that it's okay to share life stuff with you guys (because you are all awesome!)

Snow Feb 2012

My granddad who's had dementia for a few years died 2 weeks ago tomorrow and I guess things have just been a bit weird. Since I moved up to Manchester I've made an effort to see both my grandparents when I go home and I'm happy to say I don't have any regrets there. The last time I saw my granddad (on my birthday :-) we had a little chat I I'm glad I have that nice last memory.

I don't want this to be a sad post though because my granddad was awesome! So I have some happier things to share with you - I just wanted you to know :-)


So what wouldn't cheer a girl up more than red shoes?!

Lemon & orange cake

And I made an orange & lemon cake for my lovely peeps at work.

I'll see you very soon for a bit of a ta-dah post - I can't wait! I just need some good lighting and maybe some help on the camera front :-)

Much Love!


x x x x