Sunday, 19 February 2012

Snood ta-dah!

Well I did promise that this year I'd start finishing projects instead of starting them and since I've made two hats and started another ripple I thought I'd ought to complete at least one thing! Then I finished two :-)

Right after making my Russian Dolls skirt I immediately set out to make another )now that I knew what I was doing!) I bought some polka dot fabric straight away and cut out the pattern. And then it sat in a bag until last Sunday :-)

Polka dot skirt

It's navy blue and I added some white ric-rac (I love it!!) to the top. All the details of the pattern can be found on the link above :-) I went down a size and it's a much better fit. I have to admit though after wearing it once I noticed some of my stitching needs tying off a bit better!!!

The pattern is only £3 from Burda Style here.

Anway I digress.

Snood time :-) You'll remember this started as a straight garter stitch scarf and then a diagonal garter stitch scarf but I wasn't happy with either!  Before I go on I just wanted to say that the yarn (which I love!) is Lang Mille Colori, I chose colour 053 Green/pink/purple:-)

Garter stitch scarf

Diagonal stripey scarf

So then out came the 4mm circulars!

Knitted cowl / snood
Stripy snood
Snood progress...
It kept growing!
Stripy snood

And then last week I finally finished casting off :-)

Finished snood :-)

This is the stocking stitch side

Finished snood :-)

And this is the garter stitch side. I love both! I'd only intended to have it as garter stitch but being on circular needles even though I purled every stitch the "back" came out as stocking. I'm glad it did though!

Finished snood :-)

I wore it all last week with pride and finally got round to "killing" it today. It was very very curly at the ends so I decided... To iron it! It was well worth doing, it's a lot floppier now and easier to wear.

I made up the pattern, cast on 200 sts onto 4mm 80cm needles. At least I think they're 80cm! Before ironing I thought I could have used more stitches but now it's stretched out a little I'm really please :-)

Horray one down only a million to go!

x x x x


  1. That turned out so cute! I love the colors :)

  2. Beautiful yarn, looks really nice on you.
    Lovely skirt too.
    Carol xx

  3. Oh wow! Much nicer than either scarf pattern I think. Great choice! Looks fabulous!

  4. A real beauty, and your own pattern. How cool is that?!

  5. Wow, I LOVE the skirt, the white ric-rac is perfect! I think I need one :D The snood is absolutely gorgeous, I really love both sides! Could you please tell me what yarn you've used?? xxxx

  6. I love the cowl, it's gorgeous!!! You must be so thrilled to wear it :)

  7. Snoods are amazing and yours is beautiful, loving the skirt too. Woohoo two finished projects!

  8. I love your stuff, such a pretty blog. You seem to be tackling similar stuff to me. I love the colourways on that varigated yarn, the snood turned out gorgeous. And the skirt it ace! What pattern were you using?

  9. Thanks for your lovely blog - you helped me get my granny stripe blanket finished with your information about edging. Anyway, I am loving your snood. I've never tried knitting on circular needles but I might have to give it a go. (Although I am currently tackling my first sock on DPNs and finding it a bit challenging!!)

    Please can you let me know what type of wool you used - it is absolutely gorgeous colours.


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