Monday, 30 April 2012

Ripple blanket: Finished!

Who'd have thought so many of you had already tried Rumchocolate?! I'm really loving this :-) If you haven't then give it a go.

I've had another busy weekend down in London visiting J. I'm not sure if I ever said that he's been living there since January, if not then now you know! It means seeing a lot more of my family and 'home friends' and that is no bad thing.

North Greenwich
It also gives me plenty of time on the train to knit and crochet although admittedly I get quite travel sick so I can't always manage it. When I do, I ignore the funny looks, stick my headphones on and away I go!

Something I have enjoyed finishing on the train is this...

Bubble gum blanket
I'm so sad to have finished but also so pleased with the result! I really hope little EP will be cosy in it!

Bubble gum blanket
Not the most amazing photo in the world but here goes for my 'ta-dah'!

Bubble gum blanket

The yarn I've used is Stylecraft Special DK, the same as my forgotten about Hexagon Blanket and finished Granny Stripe.

I'll list the colours from bottom to top as some are in the "Lucy Pack" and some aren't!

Lipstick 1246
Pomegranate 1083
Shrimp 1132
Sunshine 1114
Saffron 1081
Lemon 1020
Spring Green 1316
Aspen 1422
Turquoise 1068
Cloud Blue 1019
Lavender 1188
Wisteria 1432
Magenta 1084
Plum 1061
Cream 1005

The cream stripes have really made a difference to this blanket compared to the Granny Stripe which was solid blocks and I love it! It's a single row of trebles instead of two. I get my Stylecraft from Deramores and quite often they have a sale on so keep your eyes peeled...

I've been busy with new projects since completing my Bubble Gum Ripple (no this isn't another ripple)
Laptop bag
And I finally got out onto the balcony to do some planting. I'll leave you with the fruits of my labour! Good night x




Going to try not to kill my herbs quite so quickly this year

x x x x


  1. Oh! I love the white in between the colourful waves. It looks so crisp!

    Your pots look green and lush! It must be so much warmer there in the UK then it is here in my part of Canada!

  2. The ripple looks fabulous and I am sure it will be well loved. I was tickled to see that most of my herbs survived the winter and are starting to flourish.

  3. Beautiful blanket, and the repeating white stripe draws the colors together so nicely, yet celebrates each color individually! Your garden is lovely, too and I hope it flourishes for you. Your blog is on my blog roll, but , I am not certain I succeeded in registering as your follower although I am. (: Happy Days! <3

  4. Your baby blanket turned out SPEC-TAC-U-LAR! What a lucky child to have such a wonderful blanket. I've made some baby blankets and they're all been treasured. One little girl won't go anywhere without it. Your deck garden is just awesome -- did you see my post of my farm flowers? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Oh my days your ripple blanket looks amazing! I love it.
    If I am travelling on train or in the car often crochet I too Ignore the funny looks when on public transport!
    Your garden is looking lovely with the new planting :-)

  6. Such a gorgeous baby Ripple! ♥
    Now I'm very curious about that new project of yours... Balcony is looking stunning! :-) xxxx

  7. Wow it looks fantastic!!!! I love the colours and the white in-between the coloured strips looks brilliant. Love the balcony! Hope the herbs survive.


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