Thursday, 21 June 2012


I just wanted to pop by and tell you how much I absolutely LOVE chunky yarn - I mean seriously love!

My usual yarn is DK but I've always thought how great chunky yarn would be. Imagine how quickly you could knit up a scarf or a snood.... I was so right!

I only got hold of this yarn on Saturday (and didn't start knitting til Sunday) and look what I've got already!!

Chunky snood
This is the beginnings of a new snood :-) I can't wait to be able to wear it, it's going to be so soft and cosy!

I bought some new 10mm bamboo circular needles from ebay (ooops, I need to leave feedback for that...) and they're amazing to use, so soft and the cable bit pulls through nicely. I realised today that somehow (I've NO idea how) I've managed to twist the snood so it's been a dilemma; do I start again or carry on?

Chunky snood
So I've decided to carry on... My thinking is it will look interesting, and if it turns out not to work then this really hasn't taken any time at all to start again.

The yarn is "seriously chunky" by Cygnet in Barley shade 4884. I haven't paid for it yet as my mum picked it up, but I think it was about £1.99 a ball for 100g so pretty bargainous!

Oooh, it's finally stopped raining. At last :-)

Good night my lovelies!

x x x x

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Another finished project. Really!!

I couldn't think of a good way to start this post, but it seemed that explaining that has done the trick! How handy ;-) Maybe it was because of the 24 hour flu I had yesterday! I went to bed on Friday feeling terrible and woke up feeling worse. Banging headache, fever, absolutely knocked out but apparently paracetamol, lucozade, sleep and good food cured me; woke up this morning absolutely normal. W.e.i.r.d!

Humous on toast :)
I really wish I could show you my FINISHED (!!!) knitted bunting but I haven't taken any photos whatsoever and the place where it's hanging currently is really rubbish (not to mention unpractical) so it's just not happening. Yet.

Have a nice photo of a lazy swan baby instead!

Lazy swan babies

I finished the snood I was making for my friend though - the problem is it's wayyyyyyy to small haha! I think I cast on about 100 stitches and 150 would have been much better, so rather than frogging it I've decided to pass it onto a smaller person (of soon to be 4 years) and make another one. I guess we can call this a prototype :D

Knitted snood, pomegranate

Knitted snood, pomegranate
Ta Dah

Knitted snood, pomegranate
Never made a tension square in my life :)

Knitted snood, pomegranate
My edging it totally made up but if anyone wants to know what I did let me know and I'll write out the very simple instructions :)

Knitted snood, pomegranate
Some slightly dodgy joining going on here! I didn't use my circulars because they were too long.

Knitted snood, pomegranate
Ted looking pretty unhappy (I think it was quite hot when I took this photo, no wonder!)

You should be able to guess by now that the yarns Stylecraft Special DK. This is my fave colour, Pomegranate, I have many balls of this yarn and it always runs out! I used 4mm needles for this snood and a 4mm hook for the crochet border. Snood number 2 is being cast on to much bigger needles so it's knitting up pretty quickly and is a lot looser so should be quite cosy.

I don't know where the days gone but it's bed time now :( Thanks for visiting, it's been lovely to have you :)

x x x x