Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tuesdays Tallies: seven, done, finished!

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I don't think I can keep you guys waiting anymore... I've been a bit mean by not posting *any* photos of the blanket in weeks but this big project is finally... Done.

Hexagon blanket

There will be no more teasing posts about how many hexagons I've made this week...

Hexagon blanket

Or about how many extra hexagons I need to complete...

Hexagon blanket

No more posts about half hexagons either or how I might do the border...

Which incidentally is a round of trebles and a second round of half trebles. With a blanket this fussy a simple border seemed to work nicely.

Hexagon blanket
So with this lot finished with...

Hexagon blanket


Hexagon blanket

It really is difficult to photograph something so big and the weather and therefore lighting hasn't been great either so this is the best I could manage.

The yarn I've been using is Stylecraft Special DK - it was the "Lucy Pack" with extra shades of yellow - Saffron & Lemon because I wanted a few more bright shades. Lemon turned out to be a fantastic "middle" as it started off most shades really well.

1061 *** Plum
1246 *** Lipstick
1083 *** Pomegranate
1084 *** Magenta
1132 *** Shrimp
1241 *** Fondant
1390 *** Clematis
1432 *** Wisteria
1188 *** Lavender
1034 *** Sherbet
1420 *** Camel
1114 *** Sunshine
1081 *** Saffron
1020 *** Lemon
1316 *** Spring Green
1065 *** Meadow
1422 *** Aspen
1068 *** Turquoise
1003 *** Aster
1019 *** Cloud Blue


The pattern is Lucy's as well and her very easy to follow Hexagon How To can be found on her blog.

I didn't join as you go because I really wanted white borders, but I didn't want the last round of the hexagon to be white (i.e. colourful circles edged in white) so each hexagon has been finished with a round of double crochet (US sc) and they're all sewn together.

The border was just a round of trebles and another round of half trebles. When it came to the "peaks" of the side I did 1 tr, 1 ch, 1 tr in the corner space, and for the "valleys" I just missed out two stitches in the very bottom (it was a bit made up / hit and miss!).

Hexagon blanket

I'd heard that washing Stylecraft transformed it into magical soft stuff... I was a bit wary but almost as soon as I'd finished I chucked it in the machine on a quick wash and dry. Scariest 35 minutes of my life!

This is before...

Hexagon blanket

And this is after! Well, after once I'd hidden all the ends!!!

Hexagon blanket

Apart from being super super soft - much softer than I expected - it's also super floppy!! It's much more snuggly now but feels a lot more delicate too. I discovered my end weaving left something to be desired, 4-5 hexagons came apart but were easily repaired and I've pulled all the other ends that wriggled loose to the back & I'm sewing them back in to hide.

I can't give exact details on my washers temperature, all I know is the wash cycle was about 30 but the drying doesn't say. I think the coolest drying cycle on the quickest time would probably be fine.

I am super pleased with the results though!

I don't think I'm going to be attempting another blanket for a while. Now I can get on with finishing another snood, the Green Garden Grannies cushion and a few other bit's and bobs.

Bye bye One-A-Day project! Thank you for having me Carole & all the other crochet/knitters, and *thank you* for helping to get this one finished!!

x x x x


  1. Oh Nicole, this looks amazing! I love all your colours....it is just delightful. You will be so glad to have finished!

  2. Well done! That is very beautiful. I really love those squares you made for the cushion too. XOXO

  3. Hi there, You did an awesome job! It is just beautiful! I see celebrating in your future!!! The colors are so bright and cheery.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, you must be absolutely thrilled with it. Thank you for such a lovely burst of colour this morning!

  5. Wow, this is awesome! I really want to make one of these hexagon blankets someday soo, but that has to wait. I'm working on a Ripple, a Granny Stripe and a Granny Patch at the moment... Should finish one of these first...

  6. Oh oh oh oh oh!
    Not going to say anything more! Lovely!

  7. Well Nicole...it is absolutely beautiful! Great job. I love the added half hexies you created.

    Happily, I can say I too finished my project. Of course, my next One A Day project is waiting for some work to be done so now on to it.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  8. Your blanket is amazing! So many beautiful colours, I looove it so much!
    You have done a wonderful job!
    IHave a great evening! xxBarbina

  9. This. is. AWESOME!!!!!! You did a fabulous job -- it was well worth the effort and the wait.

  10. Absolutely stunning. Such a huge amount of work but well worth it.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous Nicole! Love those stylecraft colours!
    Victoria xx

  12. Wow, wow, wow !!!! It's stunning, it turned out gorgeous, the colours are perfect. I'm tempted to make another hexagon blanket after seeing yours. Deb xxx

  13. Yayyyyyyyy! It turned out great! I have a TA DA on my blog, too.

  14. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on a fantastic project.. it's an award winner!! Bravo!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Wowowow it was definitely worth the wait - it's stunning!!! You must be thrilled, well done!! :-) xxxx

  16. Amazing!!! This is so beautiful and a lot of work. Great Work! You should be proud.
    Eileen :)

  17. They say a granny afghan is like the marathon of crochet. You definitely deserve a break after this one. It's absolutely beautiful!! May I ask if you block the pieces before sewing them together? I never blocked before, but I'm tempted to try it with my next project.

  18. Wow, truely amazing. I fancy a hexagon project next

  19. That was worth every single millisecond you spent on it, absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. I am a Stylecraft nut too...thought it was quite soft without washing, so I dare wash my rainbow ripple?!

    I think I may revisit every now and then to dribble over your blanket again...it may need another wash! Fiona (KnitKnatKnotUK) xx

  20. So gorgeous, a real feast of colour. I love Stylecraft too, such a brilliant colour range.
    Well done on creating such a masterpiece.
    Carol xx

  21. Oh no no no! I have so many things started but that is TOTALLY INSPIRING! I have to make something like that! I love it! I do think if you are going to to go showing things like that, you should include a link to where we acquire extra waking hours, because we will need them. Seriously, its just lovely.

  22. The blanket looks stunning Nicole,enjoy :) Xxxx

  23. absolutely fabulously amazing!!! hi nicole. ive just found you through julie and caroles blogs and am verrrry impressed. the hexies are amazing. im onto lucy and am on my second and third ripples as i sit here under my first ripple on a freezing morning that has forgotten its spring. ile be keeping a keen eye on your blog. cheers, blessings, trills.:-)

  24. Hi Nicole i just found your blog thru Ravelry and i am head over heels in love with your blanket! Its fantastic and i may have to give in and hook a similar one myself!


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