Monday, 29 October 2012

"Little Woollie" Inspired Cushion

Little Woollie inspired cushion

I've taken the day off to keep J company who's had to phone in sick :( I suspect it's a 24/48 hour man flu but TLC had definitely been on the menu. I'm glad of the day off though as it's given me more time to do thing things I didn't get to do on Saturday when I went off rock climbing to Windgather Rocks in Derbyshire.

I haven't been outdoor rock climbing much, mostly due to the weather and other commitments from our two more experienced climbers. The weather was fantastic but absolutely freezing, and if it hadn't been for Milo I think my hands might have dropped off.

Milo has been our climbing companion several times now, even if he can be a pain in the arse!  He nearly tripped up some poor man who's day might have been severely ruined!

So today between supplying J with food an drink I've been busy knitting up a hat, but as I don't have any photos to show you I thought I'd share my Little Woollie inspired Cushion progress instead.

The stripes have taken a bit of a hiatus since getting the knitting bug again, but here's where we are:

The first several rows are basic Double Crochet (US Single Crochet) which I really love.  I was going to do the whole thing like this but changed my mind.  The 6th row from the top (pink/ Stylecraft Shade Fondant) is a row of Treble Crochet.
Little Woollie inspired cushion

This stitch I think is a Double Crochet Cluster?  I'm not sure but all the patterns are on  Little Woollies blog which is where I'd be heading if I were you :)  There are also loads more patterns / stitches that I haven't used yet and probably won't as this is such a small project.

Now this stitch is one of my all time favourites now.  I absolutely love it!  It's called Bobble Stitch but I think I've also heard it with another name.  It's so easy to do but looks so cute!

Lastly are some chevrons which aren't quite finished.  I think there should be another row like the pink to square it off.  Then I'm probably going back to some regular Double Crochet for a good while.

Here we go!  I've realised just how wonky my granny square is but I'm not too fussed.  I did see a great tutorial (afterwards...) about how to stop this - if I could remember where from I'd share the link, but I think the idea was you didn't start a new round in the corners, start along the sides in complete randomness :)

 I'm going to get back to hat knitting now.  I'm absolutely bursting to finish it and share with you.  Lets just hope I don't have another "Goldilocks" moment.  I'll give you a clue: Too big, too small, just right?


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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pink birthday bunting & a million projects

The urge to blog has suddenly hit and I thought I had precious little to share but it turns out that looking at my camera has proved otherwise & I do have a few things! There is a beautiful sunset outside right now*, I love living up so high and getting the maximum daylight possible, it really makes me happy!

It's not rolling hills or anything special but I quite like it anyway.

I'm slightly sad that the days are getting shorter again and it reminds me of how fast this years sped by. I've no idea what's up with 2012 but I feel like it's been here all of 5 minutes. J spent the first 6 months living away in London so I guess that was a bit weird but things are very much normal now he's home :)

Mums birthday bunting
Last week was my Mums birthday. Happy Birthday Mum! She reads my blog. Sometimes. I think! Anyway, I bought some lovely fabric back in April which I blogged about here which was meant to make bunting for a friend (and it still will) but my Mum was literally swooning over it - I think she might have tried to steal it from me as well - so that confirmed I needed to make her some too.

Mums birthday bunting
I don't have many photos because I frantically took these on the morning I needed to wrap and post it for it to arrive on her Birthday - the day before!! My Mums mission is to do this for me now :)

Mums birthday bunting
Mums birthday bunting
The buttons are from ebay and the ricrac that I tried to fancily wrap it with is from my box-of-bits-and-bobs :)

Mums birthday bunting
The only thing is now I want some too!! J will definitely say we have too much bunting but is that really possible? No I didn't think so.

Next time I may have an update on my Little Woollie Inspired cushion, or possibly the hat I'm knitting or maybe that Green Garden Grannies cushion I started or the other ribboned stockinette cushion I haven't finished or the new crochet project I started on Saturday - HOW have I ended up with so many WIPs again?! Seriously.

x x x x

*Haha, it's raining now but still sunny - see, totally British, I just can't help myself talking about the weather because that's exciting :p

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hooky handles

Cold!!! It's gone all cold now and I don't like it


Okay... There are *some* things I like about it. I like snuggling up under my blankets, wearing gloves and scarves and my nice new red duffel coat. I also like those clear crisp sunny days but I also like those clear *warm* sunny days; I am definitely a warm loving person. Still, this can only mean that Christmas will be here soon & I love Christmas.

This was our beloved pancake stack on Sunday morning. Mmmmmm!

Pancake stack
I don't really have much to show you from the land of knit & crochet, mainly because I don't want to get out of my blanket to photograph the stripes of my Little Woollie inspired cushion but I'm excited to say I learnt how to do bobble stitches last night and I'm very excited about it indeed!

Boyes crochet hooks

One thing that I have been doing, which involves having the oven on and thus heating the house, is making handles for my new crochet hooks. I forgot how strange it is to crochet with a handle now that I'm so used to having them, so when I tried using my new Boyes hooks it just wasn't happening!


I bought some Fimo from ebay which arrived at the weekend and made 5 handles on Saturday. I waited for some green to arrive (the shop sent me white instead by mistake but I got to keep it for free which was a bonus!) because I was going to make one in every colour but the yellow and orange just didn't do it for me so I've kept to a narrower palette instead.

Fimo is great, it only takes about thirty minutes to set and then voila! Beautiful crochet hooks.

Hook handles

For anyone interested in making their own it's really easy.

1. I rolled the main colour into a round ball first so it had no creases or lumps and then rolled it into a sausage shape.

2. Push the hook through the Fimo, be careful not to break through it but if you do repeat step 1!

3. Roll tiny balls of white Fimo and gently press into the handle.

4. Roll across a flat surface, preferably with something other than your hand - I used a Tupperware lid until the dots lay flush with the handle.

5. Neaten up both ends, I used my fingernail to flatten the Fimo where the hook itself pokes out because my last hook handles were a bit of a mess here.

6. Bake and try not to get too excited!

Hook handles 

I think you should all pop over to see Tiny Tin Bird on Little Tin Bird aka Heather's blog to see her gorgeous new baby! She is keeping us all very well updated and he isn't even two weeks old :)

x x x x