Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hooky handles

Cold!!! It's gone all cold now and I don't like it


Okay... There are *some* things I like about it. I like snuggling up under my blankets, wearing gloves and scarves and my nice new red duffel coat. I also like those clear crisp sunny days but I also like those clear *warm* sunny days; I am definitely a warm loving person. Still, this can only mean that Christmas will be here soon & I love Christmas.

This was our beloved pancake stack on Sunday morning. Mmmmmm!

Pancake stack
I don't really have much to show you from the land of knit & crochet, mainly because I don't want to get out of my blanket to photograph the stripes of my Little Woollie inspired cushion but I'm excited to say I learnt how to do bobble stitches last night and I'm very excited about it indeed!

Boyes crochet hooks

One thing that I have been doing, which involves having the oven on and thus heating the house, is making handles for my new crochet hooks. I forgot how strange it is to crochet with a handle now that I'm so used to having them, so when I tried using my new Boyes hooks it just wasn't happening!


I bought some Fimo from ebay which arrived at the weekend and made 5 handles on Saturday. I waited for some green to arrive (the shop sent me white instead by mistake but I got to keep it for free which was a bonus!) because I was going to make one in every colour but the yellow and orange just didn't do it for me so I've kept to a narrower palette instead.

Fimo is great, it only takes about thirty minutes to set and then voila! Beautiful crochet hooks.

Hook handles

For anyone interested in making their own it's really easy.

1. I rolled the main colour into a round ball first so it had no creases or lumps and then rolled it into a sausage shape.

2. Push the hook through the Fimo, be careful not to break through it but if you do repeat step 1!

3. Roll tiny balls of white Fimo and gently press into the handle.

4. Roll across a flat surface, preferably with something other than your hand - I used a Tupperware lid until the dots lay flush with the handle.

5. Neaten up both ends, I used my fingernail to flatten the Fimo where the hook itself pokes out because my last hook handles were a bit of a mess here.

6. Bake and try not to get too excited!

Hook handles 

I think you should all pop over to see Tiny Tin Bird on Little Tin Bird aka Heather's blog to see her gorgeous new baby! She is keeping us all very well updated and he isn't even two weeks old :)

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  1. Those hooks turned out really cute!

  2. They are so cute! :) And they look really 'professional' too, like you have DEFINITELY done this before ;)
    Good job!

  3. Such a great idea. I will definitely be trying this out! Thank you!

  4. I would love to make some of these but have a feeling mine would be wonky, wobbly and fall off, yours are so neat, great job!

  5. Very clever, Nicole! Thank you for sharing how you transformed your hooks. Sending warm thoughts...I turned our heater on today...which should encourage me to get busy stitching a blanket that can help keep me warm as I stitch it, right? xx from Gracie

  6. I'm very impresses with your hook handles! Bravo! Now I will go see the baby pix!! Hugs, Teresa

  7. Such a wonderful blog you have! I just discovered it today, and am now enjoying last year's posts :-) will try to find Fimo here (in Turkey) to make handles like yours, they look lovely!

  8. What a lovely idea, inspiring me to have a go at making handles for my hooks!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Angie x

  9. The hook handles are so cute!

  10. Wow, when I first looked at the photos of your hooky-handles I thought you'd bought them, I am impressed impressed IMPRESSED!

  11. My hook handles would never turn out like that! Great job :)

  12. Oohh such pretty hook handles! I'm very impressed with your Fimo skills! :-) xxxx

  13. Brilliant! It has been a long time since I used fimo what an excellent way to use it! So so pretty! - Annie

  14. what a brilliant idea, although I'm not sure it would work for me since i hold my hook right at the bottom. yours look awesome though

  15. I love my hooks with handles, bought mine on etsy but I'm so going to make the next ones, your's look gorgeous!!

    Lori xx

  16. Those hooks are lovely! I have some Fimo and sculpey clay, will try these:) you have a wonderful blog:)

  17. These are beautiful!! I was just curious as to how long to bake them? or will it say on the clay? I'd love to do this as a christmas gift for my aunt.

  18. Hi Heather, it should say on the packaging. My Fimo said 30mins at 100 degrees Celsius! x


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