Sunday, 13 January 2013


I've been waiting patiently for it to snow but so far not a flake. It's freezing & I think we should have some!

Now that Christmas is over I can finally share the project I'd been knitting for J :)

Cable Snood

I've always wanted to knit something for him, being as he puts up with my obsession more than anyone else, so when I found this aran yarn in my stash I knew it would be perfect for a snood, and for some reason I decided on cables. Oh and all this was less than 2 weeks before Christmas...

Cable snood

I spent every lunch break knitting and used every spare minute when I was home and J wasn't to try and finish it on time, pretending I was working on some other hat / scarf / monster thing!

The funniest thing is most of the time it sat in almost plain view, proof that J really *does* try to ignore my knitting :D

Cable snood

Then I ran out of yarn and it was way too small for a snood or a scarf! The worst part was it was exactly as week before Christmas and the shop I bought it from is down in London... Thank god for the magic of ebay!

Cable snood

I still had the yarn label so managed to order another ball and it arrived on the very last day possible! Saturday while J was working (and I was meant to be packing so we could go to my family on Sunday). I spent ALL day knitting until my hands ached - I physically couldn't do anymore, but it was ok, the snood was finally the perfect length. Hurrah!

Cable Snood collage

The pattern is super basic, but I will share because we knitters love the details don't we?

You'll need:

Yarn - Cygnet kiddies Couture aran in grass green

4mm needles
A cable needle
A yarn needle for weaving in


Thumb cast on 39 stitches

Row 1: *P3, K6* P3
Row 2: K3 *P6, K6*
Row 3: *P3, K6* P3
Row 4: K3 *P6, K6*
Row 5: *P3, CB6* P3
Row 6: K3 *P6, K6*
Row 7: *P3, K6* P3
Row 8: K3 *P6, K6*

Repeat the above 8 rows until your scarf or snood is long enough and cast off.

I've taken lots more pictures to share but my brain's too frazzled to write anymore so I'm going to have to love and leave you till I can properly function!

x x x x


  1. Oh! It's lovely! The colour is amazing and I too love cables :)xx

    1. Thanks :) So many people commented on the colour, it was a great find!

  2. Oh my goodness.. that is one gorgeous cabled work of art! Bravo!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Well said by the above commenters : ) I have never made cables. Yours look perfect and I really love the shade of green you chose to make them. Thanks for posting, Nicole.

    1. Cables are so much fun Gracie, you think they're complicated before you give it a go and realise it's so easy - love it :D

  4. Oh my, I am impressed! Not only are your cables perfect, but you managed to finish this in such a short time! It's a stunning cowl, well done! :-) xxxx

    1. I'm paying for it now Nanita, my hands hurt SO much! Probably really bad but I've cut down this year to make sure I don't get RSI :p

  5. Oh Nicole, it's beautiful. I love the colour very much. It look sos snuggly and warm. I wish I knew how to cable. Any handy tips? xx

    1. Hi Loo!

      Best tip is to get a cable needle that's slightly textured so when you slip the stitches off to do the cable they don't fall off - use a smaller needle too, that helps as well!

      Have a look at some YouTube tutorials, you'll be amazed how easy it is. As long as you can knit, purl and put stitches onto another needle you CAN do this :)

  6. Oh my ... this may even tempt me to try knitting (again!!) xxx

  7. This is fantastic! I've only just learned how to cast on...some way to go before I can cable knit! Well done!! xx

    1. You'll be cabling in no time, once you can do knit & purl stitches you'll be ready :)


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