Sunday, 17 February 2013


I'd like to introduce you to a new friend...


I've been a big fan of both blogs by Alice, Crochet with Raymond and Hook, Spin, Knit (which has been taken down) for a very long time. Alice started out as a crocheter, much like me I guess, but then turned her hands to knitting and it was her knitted tea cosies that inspired me to get my needles back out and learn to knit properly.

Since then I've pretty much loved everything Alice has made, like some crazy besotted knitter, but her monsters really did it for me and I was in love. See here and here to find out what I'm on about!

It became very clear in my mind that I *had* to make my own and so Bernie was born. Ok created :)


This is Bernie, hanging out, looking gorgeous.


She has the most awesome pixie feet...


And round hands on super long arms which are great for hugging.


She's looking a bit sad in these pictures, but her mouth has been re-glued and she's definitely looking a lot happier, and dare I say mischievous?


Bernie was very much a trial and error monster. I don't have the book that Alice has (I think it's called Knitted Toy Tales) but I think she worked out pretty well. I've got a better idea for doing the next one but that will have to wait. I'm trying to cut down my yarny time because I've been getting achy hands and I'm sure that's not a good thing.

Here are some work in progress shots of Bernies bum :p

Monster WIPMonster WIP

I wasn't sure whether to mention but it seems a bit false to pretend that everything in my world is 'happy go lucky'. Me & J are having some down right rotten luck at the moment. It's nothing serious i.e. nothing health related, but you know when things have just been going wrong, it gets a bit brighter and then all starts going wrong again? Well that's us.

I nearly didn't blog at tall tonight, I just haven't felt like it and I don't think I've put nearly as much enthusiasm in sharing Bernie with you as I would have a couple of weeks ago, but something inside said 'do it, do it!' so I have.


We went out on our bikes today, this is Mavis my new set of wheels. Everything's going to be just fine :)

x x x x