Sunday, 24 March 2013

This week I...

Cast on my new hat

another hat

And finished it :-)

Mouse hat

Flicked through my growing collection of crafty books for some inspiration


Drank a lot of tea from a mug my mum bought me


Was really bad and cast on a new project, a cushion cover to replace the one that I frogged to make the mouse hat

Chunky cables

(this is sort of okay because it's taken me only a few hours to do all of this)

Chunky knit

Started the other side in Ribboned Stockinette, which is what I'd been knitting the other cushion cover in. It's an interesting stitch and was working better in a less chunky yarn but I'm going to stick with it

Chunky cables

And today I made* us pancakes and waffles for breakfast in bed, cleaned the shower, had a shower, fished out a dead fish, took photos, had a cuppa, went for a sunday lunch, tried to feed the ducks or geese but there weren't any, came home cold, knitted more, blogged, thought about eating more, had some chocolate.

*okay toasted out of packets, who's complaining?

Big thank you to all the kind comments last weekend, I was very touched by everyone's thoughts and they certainly helped, especially my little brother who put a rather soppy message on Facebook, arrh! My friends funeral went as well as one can go I guess! It was a lovely service, many laughs & many tears. Seeing his kid running around though after with her friends was quite reassuring :)

x x x x

Saturday, 16 March 2013

In the month of March

Things making me happy

I ordered a book called Knitted Animal Hats by Fiona Goble from the interwebs and after a few days of waiting (in which I whinged every day about why it hadn't arrived, much to J's dismay) it finally came. I've got a thing for knitted hats, especially animal ones.

knitted animal hats

Even though I made a cat/mouse hat last year I've embarked on this one already because I think it's adorable and it should help me to practice and hone some more knitting skills :)
slinky cat

I spent a few hours this afternoon with people who live nearby clearing a little plot of land that the Council has leant us to turn into a community garden which we're calling Phoenix Gardens :)

You can see how much we got done from the before & after photos!

pheonix garden before

pheonix garden day 1

Back breaking work and I'm feeling it already!

I've been making a snood for my friends mum and while it's terribly terribly tedious I'm happy because I'm now on the second ball of yarn. Although I still have about 90g of the 100g to go I feel like I might be on the home stretch...

Angelas snood

Joining the WI which I have completely forgotten to mention, it's a new one set up by two knitting friends. The butterflies in the photo above are on a top I got in last weeks clothes swap for 50p :)

Being restless with my blog at the moment and changing the theme every week it seems. I might settle eventually :)

Finding all the good happy things in life at the moment has been very comforting and remind me to try and live life to the full and not to take anything for granted - ok I know that sounds incredibly cliché but bear with me...

Very very very horribly sadly a friend who I've known since starting my job has lost his year long battle to cancer and died on Mothers Day :( I think I had just over a week to come to terms with the fact that he was going to die before he did, and that hit me hard. I've never known anyone who was going to die and I didn't know how to deal with that. Not well as it happens, I just felt full of sadness.

His death came a lot sooner than anyone expected but in some ways I feel some relief that he's not in pain any more and can be at peace. My heart goes out to his partner and their 7 year old daughter who I've thought about a lot these last few weeks. I don't know how they will manage and cope without the love of their life and Dad. It's just so so sad. Much love goes to them x

So take it from me, don't leave anything until it's too late. If there's someone you love or miss then tell them, because I sure as hell wish I'd been in contact more. Now go and read something crafty & cheery because I fear I might have made you a little sad and I don't want to do that, I just needed to share xXx

x x x x

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Little squares throw - ta dah!

I've struggled with a name for this thing I've made because it's not really a throw and crochet-chair-headrest-cover sounded a bit long and boring! Well, whatever it is I've finished... :)

Crochet throw

I love love love the small squares I'm itching to make more in a rainbow of colours! I love that they start out like little circles and I think they're a lot easier to make than ones that start as squares. I've already made more middles although I've no idea what I'm planning to make!

We went to visit my family for the weekend and I got it finished while we were there, one of the reasons I'm behind on my blog reading! Sadly all my photos are pretty rubbish - don't you just hate it when you spend ages on a project but you don't shoot it properly at the end?

Crochet throw

Normally I don't bother blocking things because blankets get scrunched up I've never really had any need, but these little squares were getting a bit bunched up so I gave it a go and I'm very glad I did. My mum might not be now that her cork bath mat is full of little holes...

Crochet throw

The border is something I'm particularly happy with because I've never gone to any real effort before so this was different. And partly because I made it up although I did take my inspiration from one of Attic 24's recent blankies :) It was very easy, just a round of double crochet in cream followed by a round of red double crochets and trebles in the middle.

Crochet throw

I've made a list of all the tutorials I've used, just cos I'm nice like that :p

Granny Squares
Round 1 of the border

Tea & cookies

I'm so glad the sun is shining again, it's lifted my spirits immensely & I hope you're also getting some nice weather and sunny cheer :)

x x x x

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Joining Granny Squares & Sewing :-)

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, things have picked up a lot since then, J had just lost his job but amazing luck & a lot of applications sees him starting something new tomorrow. I can't tell you how relieved we both are!

My knitting / crochet updates might be a little slow, in the run up to Christmas I did too much & I think I've put strain on my hands so my fingers had been aching quite a bit. I've tried to bed sensible & cut right down (which is killing me!) & I found a great set of exercises on Knit Freedom which I'd recommend looking at & trying, even if you're not in any pain. It can't hurt ;-)

Crochet throw

I've been making slow & steady progress on the granny squares for my Nan's throw & they're almost all joined now. I've used Lucy's tutorial for crocheting them together, I don't know how I've not used it before because I love the result, so neat & no need for a border :)

I taught a couple of ladies how to crochet & make granny squares last week at my local WI! I joined in January & Wednesday was our first craft club, it was so much fun!

Crochet throw

I have to say, photographing 'red' seems to be particularly difficult! The first few photos I took seemed to merge all the shades. I've dropped my exposure down to about -1 & the ISO down as well which seems to have worked - hopefully you can see the three reds, if not... Oh well :)

I spent most of yesterday upcycling this rather unexciting bag...





I've used up a lot of off cuts of fabric (I knew I was keeping them for something!) & the buttons are from my Local Craft Store.


The owl is just a copy of the one I made and blogged about here two years ago. Wow, was it that long ago?

Time to get back to a little bit of crochet now :-) Thanks for stopping by and for all your lovely comments, they really did cheer me up & I appreciate the time you all take cos I know how busy you all are with life & crafting!


x x x x