Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tuesdays Tallies 4

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Ooops, I nearly forgot that it was Tuesday :)  It feels like a Wednesday which is a big disappointment when you realise it's still 3 days til the weekend...  We've been busy on the house hunting front (still no joy yet) so where I usually crochet at lunch I've been ringing up every estate agent in the area booking appointments!  I'm also getting very excited about a certain upcoming festival...

 All this together means I've only managed a mere five squares this week - & three of those were made today!

Rosie Elmer Blanket 

I'm totally out of Meadow now and just about to run out of Wisteria so I may become a little stuck with how much more I can do.  I don't want to buy more, so I might introduce new colours...
So on that note thank you for all your lovely responses about Pomegranate - I'm starting to think you were completely right.

These are the squares without, & although it's quite a calm looking blanket, which was originally what I was after, I can't help feeling like it's lacking something.

Rosie Elmer Blanket

I'm not sure if it's because everything we have is so bright and I did want something a little less that, something that goes with our sofa and might look nice in our eventual new home...
...But look!

You guys are fab!

I had a go at blocking the whole lot this evening.  I could do with getting some of those foam play mats, I've used our bath mat but it means taking the pins all out.  I measured them all out perfectly & everything!

Rosie Elmer Blanket

I'm so excited with how they're looking now they're actually square :D  It makes such a difference though and it's saved me doing them all at the end.  Just a steam iron & NO touching the yarn :)

Rosie Elmer Blanket

x x x x

So the de-stashing count begins!


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tuesdays Tallies 3

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Just back from tonights WI so only a quick one to share this weeks crochet squares!

Rosie Elmer Blanket

So not quite seven (not sure I've even truly been doing one a day) but I'm half way through seven so maybe if I finish it soon I can count it?

I've introduced a new colour this week, I'm not sure whether to stick with it or not really so I did two

Rosie Elmer Blanket

Pomegranate is my favourite colour from the Stylecraft Special DK range so I guess that's probably why I added it!  My original plan though was a more subtle and quieter blanket so we'll see...  If anyone else is joining in with One-a-Day please let me know, I know Carole hasn't blogged since May so hoping all is well with her x

On the house hunting front, we made an offer on a nice terrace and then the seller decided not to sell!  So if any of you have any good house hunting vibes please send them my way, I really am desperate!

x x x x

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Yarn bombing!

I've never yarnbombed anything myself but last week while I was having lunch I noticed this!

Yarn bombing

It excited me a lot, and then I saw this!

Yarn bombing

Brilliant stuff yes?

Yarn bombing

There was quite a bit around the Town Hall so I think it had something to do with Manchester Day, still fun to see though :)

I've still been busy crocheting more squares for my Rosie Elmer Blanket and I've finished a knitted piece of bunting for our WI which I'm probably going to add something too because it's not very exciting as it stands!

WI Bunting

Lastly I would just like to thank the weather for being amazing this last week, it's like FINALLY we get some decent weather here in the UK, yesssss!!  My mum & dad popped over from Sheffield and went home this evening. 

We had a nice few days while they were here, and we took a trip out to where J and I are trying patiently...  to buy... a house!! :D  Watch this space...

x x x x

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tuesdays Tallies 2

Hello lovely people :)  I hope you're having as nice weather as we are here, it's just wonderful to have sunshine and warmth at last!  It's made cycling to work even more of a joy :)

I've actually got a Tuesdays tallies for you, although maybe not as many squares as I'd imagined.  I'm calling this project my Rosie Elmer Blanket.  If Elmer the Elephant was rosie, maybe this is what she'd look like!

These are the squares I'd made by Saturday, or it might have been Sunday I forget

Rosie Elmer blanket

Then I had a go at blocking them, using a steam iron and hovering over (not touching!!) like Lucy over in the Attic at number 24 suggested.  Works a treat!

Rosie Elmer Blanket

I could do with making a grid or something so they're all blocked the same but I doubt it matters that much

Rosie Elmer Blanket

And lastly this is a very bad photo of how many I've got right now.  I need to start using our digital camera instead of my phone but I'm feeling really lazy today!

Rosie Elmer Blanket

As always, click the One a Day banner to visit Carole and see the other One a Day projects

x x x x

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bits n Bobs

We spent the weekend over in Sheffield, a lovely drive over the Snake Pass (my favourite road ever!) & stayed with my Aunt & Uncle.  My Mum & Dad had come up from London too so it was nice to see everyone & to see them again :)

I just wanted to share a couple of things I couldn't resist in Matalan, just incase J & I end up with a lovely house one day!

Tea jar?

Fancy a Brew?


Completely unnecessary but totally lovely for the sum of £6 :)

x x x x