Friday, 8 November 2013

Needle felting, it's rather good!

Don't get RSI, I wouldn't recommend it.  It will either mean you've been repetitively doing something uncomfortable like sitting at a rubbish desk at work (done!) or you just don't stop when you're in pain when knitting (done!)

I sound like a whinge bag, yes I do, but I've not really been able to do anything on my needles or hooks for a few weeks and I am restless!  There are so many projects I'm itching to start, like Christmas presents and new baby presents but I'm continuing to be good and I've not attempted it at all, not until I know I'm 100%.  So please, all you crafters out there take it from me!  If you're in any pain your hands are telling you to stop!

It's not been all doom and gloom though.  I'm not one to sit about idly and unfortunately I'm not a big reader although I've started on the Disc World series (better late than never) so instead I've started to make other things, do a bit more sewing (new skirt coming soon!) and I've rediscovered needle felting!  This has also come at a rather opportune moment as it's quite therapeutic when you imagine that the felt roving is your conveyancers head*.

*I am not usually like this!

My first project was a little toadstool.  The stem is too thin so it won't stand upright, it might have to become a broach or something.

Felted toadstool

Then I got festive and made some puds!

Felted christmas puds

Felted christmas puds

The berry balls are a bit tricky to do but once rounded they look fab and I want to make bigger ones and string them together to make a garland or something

Felted christmas puds

I also made a slightly odd looking christmas tree but it's quite quirky so I'm sure it will find its place when the decorations come out.

Felted christmas trees

Needle felting does come with its hazards though I'll warn you.  The needles are barbed.  You think it hurts when you stab yourself with a normal needle?  That's nothing!  It's really fun though and the results can be pretty quick unless you want to get fancy and so some beautiful projects like Betz White who's blog I found by complete chance and I now love :-)

x x x x

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Cables & hearts

Brrrrrrrrrrr it's cold!!!  We made it to November without putting the heating on but we've had to admit defeat and it's in now.  I don't know if it just feels colder because we've been away for the weekend but I think it's safe to say that Winter has arrived...

We spent the last couple of days over in Sheffield with my family, which I always love.  My uncle lives in a big, old victorian house.  It isn't perfect and you have to be careful which floorboards you walk on because some of them are loose but I love it!  J and I procured a very nice mirror from an antique shop (I doubt the mirror really is antique) but we even haggled and got a fiver off so I'm dead pleased!   It's wrapped up at the moment so I can't show you it, but it will have it's reveal in our new home...!

I've not been upto much knitting or crocheting recently because I've got the finger and hand aches again, only this time my arms hurt a bit too.  It happened earlier in the year after trying to get a few projects finished for people so I'm hoping it's just a bit of RSI and nothing serious.  I'm really itching to get my needles out and finish my owl and start making presents but I need to accept that this just isn't happening.


I've been making a list of projects that I've started, finished and haven't written about and this is one of them.  I made a cushion for my mums birthday so I couldn't share until she'd received it.  It was knitted up on size 6 needles, probably a lot smaller than I could have gone for but being Cygnet Seriously Chunky it was quite fast to work up.


I wanted to find an alternating cable pattern but I couldn't find anything (or didn't know how to search!) so after a bit of trial and error I made it up.

Cast on multiple of 5 + 1 (I did 31)

Row 1  ~ *k1, p4* repeat to end k1 (ws)
Row 2 ~ *p1, k4* repeat to end p1 (rs)
Row 3 ~ *k1, p4* repeat to end k1 (ws)
Row 4 ~ *p1, k4, p1, cb4* repeat to end p1 (rs)
Row 5 ~ *k1, p4* repeat to end k1 (ws)
Row 6 ~ *p1, k4* repeat to end p1 (rs)
Row 7 ~ *k1, p4* repeat to end k1 (ws)
Row 8 ~ *p1,cf4, p1, k4* repeat to end p1 (rs)

k = knit
p = purl
cf = cable front
cb = cable back

I didn't take very good photos while we were down at my mum and dads so these will have to do I'm afraid!


Look how well it matches!  I wish in hindsight that I'd sewn it up with a flap and maybe knitted a few extra rows...  The wooden buttons look nice though.  The inner is a small square Ikea cushion, I have bought far too many of these in the past, three live in our house, two with a friend and I think I've given my mum at least three.  I need to stop making her (anyone) cushions really.


I had completely forgotten all about this project too!  I don't think I even mentioned it once, probably again because it was a mother's day present so I didn't want my mum seeing it here!!  I remember enjoying this a lot and it's full on my own home grown lavender.  The heart and smell has survived, sadly the lavender plant has not!  It lives on my mums bedside now, along with a variety of other random things I've made / gifted her.

IMG_0196 (1)

Does it really have to be Monday Morning again tomorrow?  I could definitely do with another day off, or two!  Chow for now 

x x x x