Saturday, 15 March 2014

Knit stitch blanket ta-dah

It's a happy but bittersweet moment finishing this blanket.  It's been so enjoyable to knit and completely different to anything I've made before.  I'm probably repeating myself, but I've always loved stripes knitted in garter stitch and I've always wanted to make something at random, with no pattern or pre-planned colours.

I think I've done pretty well!  2 weeks ago I took some some last photographs before finishing.  Again, with no real idea of how long I wanted it to be I decided I'd stop when it looked right.

Knit stitch blanket

Knit stitch blanket

I spent the rest of the week knitting rows and rows of stripes until J agreed it was long enough.  Hurrah!  It should be long enough to last for a few years hopefully and not just the baby months.

Because it's garter stitch it's really stretchy so the ends I'd attempted to sew in just came out.  I totally decided to cheat and sew on a fleecy border like bias binding, only I didn't cut it on a bias so I guess it's just binding :-)

And so it's done, I love it but I will miss knitting it! 

Knit stitch blanket

Ta dah

Knit stitch blanket

It's a little wonkier than I would have liked but I'm pretty sure my friend isn't going to be laying it out flat very often.  It's going to be folded, tucked, chucked, dribbled on...  So I'm not too worried.  Sewing onto knitting wasn't actually as hard as I expected although it is quite stretchy.

Knit stitch blanket

The reverse I still quite like.  It's got more stripes to it than the front, just the way it works when changing colours, which I can't really explain

Knit stitch blanket

And so it sits rolled up in the obligatory sausage roll shot, waiting to head down South

Knit stitch blanket

I've missed my friends baby shower, one of the things which makes me sad about living so far from 'home', but I'll be seeing her in a few weeks and her baby might have been born by then so it's very exciting!

Knit stitch blanket

The border is lovely and soft and it was a brilliant way to secure the ends.  I wish I'd taken a photo now, but basically I sewed the fleece on one side using zig zag stitch, and sewed right over the ends so they're not going anywhere.  Then folded it over and sewed it onto the back.

Knit stitch blanket

It's so fluffy that in some places you can't even see the stitching although it was a total nightmare unpicking it when it went wrong!!

Knit stitch blanket

So that's it, another project off my needles.  I'm working on a couple of other things at the moment, including my first piece of knit wear!  Aran jumper lovers stay tuned!

x x x x

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

When Frankenstein came to work

So...  I was going to share some photos of how far I'm at with my blanket but I'm just too excited not to mention this instead!  Warner Brothers are filming the new Frankenstein movie and some of it was being shot today next to where I work!

I went for a sneak peek on my way in...  Look at the set!!  There's horrible little dolls on that shelf in the middle, signs, new papers, fires (!)...  Just amazing


They've been building for a good week now and we've seen bits of it because the basement's where our bikes are stored.  The building really does lend itself to this kind of era and although they've done a massive transformation the cobbles and the stone work are all original.  Even without the set it's a fantastic place to visit if you can.

Filming Frankenstein at work, on the lookout for Daniel Radcliffe & James Mcavoy

I absolutely love the set though and I want them to leave it when they go!!  There have been people wander around in costume all day, horses, carriages...  It's flipping brilliant I tell you.

At lunch we thought we'd pop down to see if anything was happening. I know Daniel Radcliffe and James Mcavoy are both in the film but we were really just expecting to see props and extras.... Well!!


I nearly died


It's Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe at my work!

I'm am a self confessed Harry Potter fan, so while all the other girls are work were swooning over James (although I'm not sure he's even here!) I was really excited to spot Daniel filming a take. Woooo!


The photos aren't great because our windows are a bit grubby to say the least, but hey it was a lot of fun and definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time.  I'm hoping that this video plays, and that Warner Bros don't see this hahah

And a warm up at the end, because it is a bit cold up North!

Normal knitting service will resume when I've calmed down a little ;-)

x x x x