Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter bunnies

Hello lovelies!! Hope you all had a lovely Easter.  I've been really busy lately and have also whipped up a fair few things on my hooks and needles to share, but it makes sense to start with the last thing I finished as he/she is rather seasonal :-)  I've tried to do my best to keep up with all the goings on in blog land but I notice I'm not alone here!  Finding the time to sit down at my laptop just doesn't happen all that often :(

Easter Bunny 

Yesterday morning/afternoon between painting the bathroom and cooking a roast I knitted a little Easter bunny for my mum.  She's very knit worthy and also appreciates my random silly things!

Easter Bunny Easter Bunny

Bunny is from the wonderful book Knitted Toy Tales by Laura Long, which has some lovely patterns.  I'm becoming a lot more adept with my knitting but I do like these patters as they're knitted flat and then sewn together, and this one was just the body and two ears, so not much sewing.

Easter Bunny

His little fluffy pom-pom tail took a while and makes me wonder if I should invest in a winding one...  I don't even make that many pom-poms but maybe I would!

Easter 2014

The weekend has been fantastic so far.  My mum and Dad travelled up from London and it was my Dads birthday so we took him out for a trip on the East Lancs Steam railway (which admittedly I always quite enjoy) but the weather was really horrible and cold.  

Friday was a completely different picture though and really quite beautiful so we thought we'd drive up to Hebden Bridge.  We never made it further than Todmorden but had a lovely day so we'll be saving Hebden for another day.  We spent a good while at the garden centre out there (Gordon Rigg, it's massive!), I got myself a hanging basket for the front door and a window box.  Lets hope it doesn't get nicked!


I got some excellent inspiration for my back yard too


After our Bee talk at the WI this little bug box seemed ever more important and I love that Tod had a few of these dotted around the town.


It was so lovely to walk along the canal too, something I do miss from our old flat!

Bye bye for now

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  1. I love your Easter bunny, with it's liberty-style fabric ears. So cute! I'd love a window box, but we have such wide windows I'd need about four in a row I think! But I think a prettily planted window box is such a lovely thing, it makes me think the homeowner really cares about their home. x

  2. I see, that is the bunny, when I first saw it I thought it was the head! It is very cute. Great to catch up with you. Jo x

  3. Your bunny is very sweet, Nicole. I had fun knitting five bunnies this Spring, made out of flat squares from a clever Ravelry pattern I managed to post about a little. As you noted you are not alone in having trouble keeping up. I have had a bit of a problem keeping up on blog reading, writing and commenting the last two months...trips, guests, and flu have challenged my normal routine :) xx


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