Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cable hats, because Summer is late

I think it's supposed to be Summer but someone has forgotten to tell the weather.  So it's May and I've knitted two hats and a cowl, yes...

My Cousin asked if I'd knit him up a hat and I was quite happy to give it a go.  I won't knit for just anyone, but I find if someone has asked (who I like!) they're probably going to appreciate it more ;-)  We agreed on grey, cables but no pom pom.  I forgot in the end to loosely attach one as a joke.


My Cousin has a large head & lots of hair so I made it two pattern repeats larger & it fitted perfectly.  I think he really really liked it too which was awesome

The pattern, Winter Femme by Diana Gates is free and available on Ravelry.  I used Stylecraft Special DK - Grey (1099).

Cable beanie

I liked the hat as well so I made myself one with a turn up.  I stuck to the original pattern which fits my normal sized head, but made a bit of a mistake with the cables...  I'd written the pattern out so I could knit on the go without my laptop, but instead of writing that the cable was a repeating pattern of 8 rows I managed to make it 5 rows so they're a lot tighter.  Luckily it worked out that doing another cable pattern of 5 rows at the end got me back to the correct size.  So you could say I made my own but it was a complete accident!

This one is in Stylecraft Special DK - Teal (1062)

Thanks to everyone who explained what Raglan sleeves are, you're a wonderful bunch

x x x x


  1. Summer is late also in Italy and...I'm crocheting a super chunky cowl!Have a nice week end!:::Silvia

  2. Lovely! I love cables and those hats are brilliant, good for cool summer nights too. For the first time in five years, spring is utterly wonderful here in DC, so I will try to send some sunshine your way. - Annie

  3. What a warm looking hat, yes a clipped on pom pom would have been a good joke. Mind you I made some hats to sell for charity and persuaded a bloke that cerise wasn't pink, so he bought it. Keep knitting the hats as it has brought out the sun today.
    S xx

  4. Nicole, I just LOVE your two cabled hats! I think cabled knitting is gorgeous and wonderful. I think I did it at one time but I don't even remember what it was! I might have to try it again. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Looks great and bet it will be worn heaps and loved xo

  6. They are great, I've been trying to master cables but there's a long way to go before mine are as good as yours!

  7. I have never tried cables, Nicole, and I greatly admire the cables you knit! xx


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