Sunday, 10 August 2014

Finished baby blanket

I'm so glad that Tatton Park wasn't this weekend...  Today has been absolutely horrid!  I've been wrapped up inside in blankets with tea and cake, watching the rain lash down outside.  At least the waterbutt's filled, the plants are watered and the sight of this is brightening my day


I've finished my Muriel blanket, just in time to visit my very pregnant friend next weekend who I've not seen in nearly a year.  Can't wait! x


I followed Lucys tutorial for a picot border (a tutorial here
after a wonderful suggestion from Chrissie, although I think that might have been for another blanket I'm working on, but it was perfect for this.

The best bit about this blanket is all the destashing.  I've run out of the pink completely and a few of the other colours are now running out.  


And do you remember the problem I had with it going all trapezoid like?  Blocking and a border really sort that out!



I'm rather pleased with it.  I'd now say something like "I hope they like it" but I stupidly uploaded it to Facebook without hiding it from them so I already know that they do haha!
So that's one down.  My retrobaby blanket is coming along nicely too.  We now have 21 & ¾ rows!

Retro baby

I've been getting a little side tracked though because I started another baby blanket last Saturday...

Seaside stripes

This will be for a friend and his wife who moved to New York!  They're having a baby in a few months so hopefully this will keep him toasty over there because it gets cold!

I had a bit of a problem with keeping the edge straight (again) on the right hand side but I think I've roughly worked out what I'm doing, and I'm also quite happy to block and border it again to hide my mistakes hehe

Seaside stripes

I thought granny squares would take me too long but I love this blanket by Heather at Little Tin Bird so I've used similar colours which I knew would work really well together without going through the pain of trying to decide what works!  Her post about colour choosing is really interesting and proves it's not always easy!

A bit worried I'm running out!  The blues are all Stylecraft Special DK, from the top; Aster, Cloud Blue and Turquoise.  Heather used Spice which is a lovely shade of orange although mine, despite looking red, is the remains of my fox cushion, which I'm also using on Retro Baby and is just an ordinary acrylic.

Maybe when these are all done I'll have time to finish one of own blankets or cardigans  

x x x x


  1. I absolutely love all three blankets! Lucky friends :-) xxxx

  2. You are a beautiful blanket making machine! They are all so lovely, what lucky friends and babies.

  3. They are all beautiful. I started a new blanket this week at the cabin but that is in squares. This do it in one go is a really good idea. I really like the chevrons. Chat soon. Jo x

  4. They are all beautiful! I love the bright happy colours in the first one and the border is perfect with will be very well received, I'm sure.
    Marianne x

  5. Love the stripey blanket. When you sew the ends in isn't one side of the blanket bulkier than the other? Or do you have a special trick that you're willing to share?! X

  6. Goodness me ..... what a lot of loveliness!
    Thank you for your very sweet comments on my blog lately x
    happy weekend
    love Jooles x x x

  7. Beautiful blankets! I love all of t he pretty colours :) xx


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