Sunday, 15 February 2015

A bedside rug and a runaway cat

I've just had a very stressful early afternoon looking for one of the cats who wandered off and didn't come back!  I'd been painting in the yard and Dizzy has been getting braver and braver, testing out the walls of the neighbours yards and then he just vanished.  Let me off, I'm a new cat parent, but I panicked after a bit and spent nearly an hour looking for him in tears, on my bike, which I fell off and then I came home and J said "he came back!!" Of course he did, I'm just incredibly stupid hahaha!

Enough of cats for now, time to talk crochet.  Tunisian crochet no less

Tunisian crochet has been on my radar for far too many years without actually happening.  I can't be sure where I first saw it, most likely one of the blogs I follow or groups I'm in on Ravelry and I immediately fell in love.  It makes a really lovely textured pattern, which is also solid and perfect for making a new little bed side rug.


I made this bedside rug using normal crochet years ago, although it was meant to be a blanket, but I suppose it doesn't really go in my bedroom which is purple and cream.  I'll definitely find another home for it in another room, but I'd like to make something new for my feet in the mornings 

Tunisian Crochet

The best way to knit anything wide is to use circular needles so imagine my joy when I discovered I could get an interchangeable crochet hook for my Knit Pro circulars!  It basically makes it one giant tunisian hook.

I picked up some beautiful purple Merino, probably a little extravagant for a rug, but it was half price!  I've been after some cotton or cotton-like purple yarn for ages but it's been difficult to find a variety of shades I wanted.


I made a start that weekend but I warn you that Tunisian crochet is s.l.o.w progress.

Tunisian Crochet

I think I've now done approximately 3 inches and it still curls an awful lot so I'm hoping that some blocking and a nice border will fix that up.

Tunisian Crochet rug

I wasn't sure what kind of pattern to go with but having mocked up these two I definitely think I prefer the first because it's less fussy looking 

************  ************
************  ************
************  ************
************  ************
************  ************
************  ************

Well I hope you're having a lovely Sunday and you've had nice weather like us.  It's a shame we didn't go out to enjoy it, but I'm just glad I have my daft cat back.

x x x x

Missing? Hooman you so stoopid.  I only in next doors yard.  Feed me. 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Finished Bright Stripes Blanket. Ta dah!

I just love being able to say that...  I should be preparing for something I have to do tomorrow, but blogging is much more fun, and I want to share my finished Bright Stripes blanket with you!  I took some photographs over the weekend but between boring round-to-it jobs I didn't get a chance to post anything.

(Those jobs were taking up voile curtains & attaching the ends of our curtain tracks to the wall; boring but necessary and now done)

I finished this in under a month and I'm so happy with how this has turned out, I hope our friends are too

Bright Stripes Blanket

I didn't set out to use such blue tones but it just fell into being that way.  I had what I thought was a nice red but it was too dark.  I also used some pink but there wasn't any left to ball up and snap!

Bright Stripes Blanket

I've pretty much explained everything in my first (and only other) post about this blanket HERE
so you can read about the yarn I've used & where I got my inspiration from.

Hopefully you can see the differences in these two photos and why I chose not to turn the blanket after each row.  The front is much tighter looking than the back see?
Bright stripes blanket

Bright Stripes Blanket

But the problem with not turning is this!  See, try as I might the edge just went crazy!!  I don't think I did any favours but trying to increase at one end and decrease at the other....

Bright Stripes Blanket

But that's nothing a bit of stubborn blocking can't solve!  I pinned out the blanket onto my foam matts, drenched the bejesus out of it with a water sprayer, and then left a damp towel on top to dry. The result was more impressive than I could have imagined.  I've always used a steam iron method but have found what I'm blocking sometimes creeps back to it's old wonky ways.  I took this while still pinned admittedly, but it stayed straight afterwards

Bright Stripes

I just love the brightness, I really hope it's loved as much as I love it.  Shouldn't be so puffed up but I am.

Bright Stripes Blanket

Photographing this was really fun...

Bright Stripes Blanket

Moggy enjoyed it too!  They had a thing for sitting on it while it was all neatly laid out.


Of course we have the coined 'sausage roll' shots which are my favourites!  After all there's really only so many photos you can take of it laid out.  We've got to be inventive haven't we?

Bright Stripes Blanket
Bright Stripes Blanket

The border wasn't anything like I imagined as it happens.  I had plans to do a great huge chunky border but when I showed my friend she said it worked well being simple because of the height of each stripe.  I'm inclined to agree with her!  I just did two rounds; the first was clusters of two trebles for the sides and single trebles for the top and bottom, and a second round of single trebles all the way round.

Maybe now I can start to look at finishing my Rosie Elmer Squares blanket?!

x x x x