Sunday, 22 March 2015

Somewhere over the rainbow

I should have my Rosie Elmer blanket finished and ready to show you, but oh no!  No, almost as soon as I blogged about it I started 2 new projects haha!

A friend from my WI is having a baby in the next month and I'd been thinking about making her a blanket, although she's made a couple being a knitter, but I just couldn't let it go.  

Rainbow crochet stripes

I grabbed left overs from my Bright Stripes blanket with a few other colours to make a rainbow.  I love it!  

Rainbow crochet stripes

I think I made my foundation chain a little too long so I'm not sure now if my stripes will be horizontal or vertical, but we'll see how I get on; I've got about a week to finish.  Isn't it jolly!

Rainbow crochet stripes

I don't know if any bloggers in the UK saw the solar eclipse on Friday but here's my contribution  Admittedly not the most amazing photo but it's a nice reminder of a (probably) once in a lifetime opportunity.  I was soooo excited, I have to admit I didn't actually do any work at work until around 10am...  It's just fantastic to see the universe at work, we know the Moon orbits our planet and we orbit the Sun (or we wouldn't have seasons!) but normally it happens so gradually we just take it for granted, but to actually see-the-moon-moving-in-front-of-the-sun was phenomenal!!


A little more down to earth, we did a bit of DIY for the cats last weekend.  There's no way for them to go out when they want and we think they may have had access to the outside in their previous home. Dizzy for one gets very restless and I think he needs to stretch his legs.  The only problem is we had no wall space leading to the outside, other than under the kitchen sink...

Cat flap DIY
★ Build me cat door hoomans 

I know this makes it look like I did all the work...  Good camera work J!

Cat flap DIY

But actually my dad did 97% of it in his very pro looking railway jacket.  We really would be lost without him

Cat flap DIY

Cat flap DIY
 Stoopid hoomans making holes in walls.  Feed me 

So now they can come and go as they please, although Dizzy is stupid and insists on pushing the flap open with his paws, so his head doesn't get close enough to the microchip sensor to activate.  We've had to put it into training mode until he gets used to it, but he'd better figure it out of we've spent a lot of money on a normal cat flap!

He might be stupid (sometimes) but he is very photogenic! 


x x x x

Monday, 2 March 2015

Rosie Elmer Squares

Hellooooo, I've been feeling the urge to blog for ages because I have squares to show you but time seems to have just gone so quickly!  I am finally nearing the end of this thing, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  If I could finish next weekend I would be sooooo happy.

Rosie Elmer Squares

In May 2013 (yep, 2013...) I started a new blanket, which I nick named my Rosie Elmer.  The name came from a lovely patchwork blanket made by Lucy, which was inspired by Elmer the Elephant.  I wanted a blanket in shades of pink so that's why mine's a little different

(I blogged about it here, hereherehere and  here but then I got side tracked (read; bored) and went onto other things.  My biggest problem was finding a colour combination I liked, and did I go through a few...

Rosie Elmer Blanket

Nope.  Too pale, just didn't like.

Rosie Elmer Blanket
Pomegranate just isn't helping.

Yuck.  Those dark purple squares pop out too much.

Rosie Elmer Blanket
Hmmm better.  This one had merit, but it felt more like a baby blanket to me, which may come to fruition in the future

Rosie elmer blanket
Getting there, definitely! Unfortunately I ran out of some of the purple (which I bought in Italy as far as I can remember).  I think I might have actually lost the rest of it because I'm sure I've hardly used it. 

I've made loads of Wisteria, Meadow, Lavender and Clematis squares that I no longer plan on using but I may put into a baby blanket instead.

I'm now using Purple from the Womens Institute range in Hobby Craft, and in Stylecraft Special DK; Pomegranate, Plum, Pale Rose, Camel, Magenta, Pomegranate, Violet and Grape

*** WI purple
*** Raspberry
*** Plum
*** Pale Rose
*** Camel
*** Magenta
*** Pomegranate
*** Violet
*** Grape

Rosie Elmer Squares

I'm really happy with these and I think they look a bit like shades of a sunset, don't you?

Rosie Elmer Squares

Rosie Elmer Squares

I've mocked up in Photoshop what I want the blanket to look like and it's looking pretty awesome!  I can't wait to get sewing all these squares together and finally be finished.  Even J said it looked like Elmer when I laid them out, amazing!

Rosie Elmer

Moggy tried to help but she gave up and fell asleep

No moar crochet for you hooman