Monday, 14 November 2011

The only way is up!

Oh dear. I'm feeling very sorry for myself indeed! Friday at work I felt 100%. Friday evening at home I started to feel a bit off. Saturday morning major meltdown! I've gone into full swing "feverish-cold" (apparantly a 'cold' isn't ill enough but I'm not sure this is the flu!) I'm off work today but hoping (!) to be back tomorrow...

But wait! There's more!

None of this was helped by venturing out on Saturday evening to pick up J from town. Stopped at a set of lights, car shakes and then turns off. I'm out of petrol. This is a TOTAL disaster! I'm sick, I'm tired, in 5 mins I would have been in town, J smiling and driving home to look after me. Instead I'm stuck in the middle of a busy junction!

I had to ask some nice men in a nearby pub to push me into a side street. Horray for chivalry! Boo to the embarassment of being pushed past the large glass windows of said pub with the the chivalrous men's friends cheering them on...

Queue massive breakdown on my part (a lot of tears!) An hour later and one tram ride, one round trip in a taxi to buy a bloody expensive petrol can & petrol, one trip in now working car to get petrol and two promises (from both of us) to never ignore the petrol light again.

Anyway... You didn't come here to hear tales of my woeful automobile filling inadequacy did you! No :-) I'm going to cheer myself up by sharing with you some crochet goodness that I have been working on before feverish-cold struck-me-down.

First up what could be happier than two smiling amigurumi mugs of tea?


Now I know the pattern's called Cafe con Leche (coffee with milk that is!) but when I make it it's tea. Yorkshire to be exact. The pattern is on Ana Paula's blog here and is also in her book Amigurumi World. I've made a few of these before (see my Ravatar!) but I think these are the first two that I've made properly, they're certainly different to #1!

I haven't decided wether to sell these at my friends craft fair tomorrow (if I make it!) keep them (but I can make more) or what else I don't know!

Second up are snowflakes! These are going to help decorate a very special ward where babies and their families will be spending Christmas Day


If you want to get involved please visit the Ravelry topic here - they're very quick & easy to make and would help a lot!

Last but not least I've made some good ripple progress!

Ripple Blanket

I think some sort of magic might be involved, this blanket just seems to work itself out of nowhere! I hardly feel like I've spent any time on it at all. This calls for more baby ripples (two more little ones due next year from friends).

Right, I've just about exhausted myself and I think I need a lie down. I'm serious! Don't mock me ;-) Take care!

z z z z

P.S if you visit Lucy in the Sky's blog here she has a fantastic yarny giveaway!!


  1. Oh poor old you Nicole... the being poorly was enough bad luck...let alone the petrol fiasco on top! One of my favourite sayings: It never rains but it pours! I'm just glad it didn't rain on you as well!!
    The mugs are great... are they purely for decorations or are they pin-cushions or something else? The baby ripple blanket is gorgeous. I wish you lots of happy healing and no more bugs for the winter :)x

  2. You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. Your crochet projects are coming along. The ripple is so pretty. See you on Ravelry.

  3. Oh bless you....I feel your pain, I am prone to small meltdowns every now and then and it's generally when I feel off colour.....apart from one I had with a traffic warden when I was very pregnant.....but that's another story! Anyway, glad it is all sorted now!

    Your cups of tea are very cute and your ripple looks great, they grow very quickly don't they? I enjoyed the last one I did and will definitely do another.

  4. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well... I have an "illness" afternoon on Friday too!! I felt awful so I can feel your poorly feeling.
    I hope you feel better soon, and in the meantime, enjoy your hooking!!! your projects are really cute!

  5. OH my poor you! (((HUGS))) I hope you feel better now. Sounds like quite the ordeal. :-(

    Love the tea cups, they are simply adorable and the snowflakes are really cute too.

  6. Hope are recovering, well done those guys for helping you.
    Love the mugs, put a smile on your face. Fabulous ripple too.
    Carol xx

  7. Hope you feel better soon, it can really knock the stuffing out of you.
    The petrol battle is one we have in our house!! I hate getting in the car to a flashing red light!
    Love your cups of tea and your ripple is gorgeous

  8. So sorry to hear about your dastardly evening. Poor thing! Hope you are feeling better soon. I know your darling little snowflakes made me brighten up, so thank you!

  9. Oh hon, I feel for you! I hope you quickly get over that nasty cold, and then that car disaster! I do hope you will forgive me for giggling (just a bit!:-)) when reading the part of being pushed by the pub's big windows with the guys cheering, do you? :-)
    I absolutely LOVE your amigurumi tea cups, and your blankie is gorgeous. The white gives it a softer look, perfect for a little baby! xxxx

  10. Are you better? Your crochet work is looking FAB!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Hi Teresa! Thanks hon :-) apart from a cough I'm ok now xx


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