Sunday, 17 May 2009

Getting creative

Hello! I've been obsessively crocheting squares (I have 57 to date!) so not been very good at updating... Annoyingly the first few I've done (light blue and mauve) are massive compared to the rest so they might not fit together properly as a blanket...

I've so far taught 2 others to crochet and I'm dead lucky because one of them is making squares for me!

Granny squares and flowers Lovely tins Yellow Blue Reds Green Granny blanket
Mmm coloured spools of thread (ebay is great for bargains!)

Brother LS2125
And last but not least my beautiful* sewing machine! I was disappointed after buying the Mini JL because it would neither sew very thin material nor much thicker - so nothing actually. That went back and in it's place and only £28 more I got this Brother LS2125 and it's (touch wood) so far, perfect!

*May not be beautiful to most people :-)

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