Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tuesdays Tallies: seven, done, finished!

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I don't think I can keep you guys waiting anymore... I've been a bit mean by not posting *any* photos of the blanket in weeks but this big project is finally... Done.

Hexagon blanket

There will be no more teasing posts about how many hexagons I've made this week...

Hexagon blanket

Or about how many extra hexagons I need to complete...

Hexagon blanket

No more posts about half hexagons either or how I might do the border...

Which incidentally is a round of trebles and a second round of half trebles. With a blanket this fussy a simple border seemed to work nicely.

Hexagon blanket
So with this lot finished with...

Hexagon blanket


Hexagon blanket

It really is difficult to photograph something so big and the weather and therefore lighting hasn't been great either so this is the best I could manage.

The yarn I've been using is Stylecraft Special DK - it was the "Lucy Pack" with extra shades of yellow - Saffron & Lemon because I wanted a few more bright shades. Lemon turned out to be a fantastic "middle" as it started off most shades really well.

1061 *** Plum
1246 *** Lipstick
1083 *** Pomegranate
1084 *** Magenta
1132 *** Shrimp
1241 *** Fondant
1390 *** Clematis
1432 *** Wisteria
1188 *** Lavender
1034 *** Sherbet
1420 *** Camel
1114 *** Sunshine
1081 *** Saffron
1020 *** Lemon
1316 *** Spring Green
1065 *** Meadow
1422 *** Aspen
1068 *** Turquoise
1003 *** Aster
1019 *** Cloud Blue


The pattern is Lucy's as well and her very easy to follow Hexagon How To can be found on her blog.

I didn't join as you go because I really wanted white borders, but I didn't want the last round of the hexagon to be white (i.e. colourful circles edged in white) so each hexagon has been finished with a round of double crochet (US sc) and they're all sewn together.

The border was just a round of trebles and another round of half trebles. When it came to the "peaks" of the side I did 1 tr, 1 ch, 1 tr in the corner space, and for the "valleys" I just missed out two stitches in the very bottom (it was a bit made up / hit and miss!).

Hexagon blanket

I'd heard that washing Stylecraft transformed it into magical soft stuff... I was a bit wary but almost as soon as I'd finished I chucked it in the machine on a quick wash and dry. Scariest 35 minutes of my life!

This is before...

Hexagon blanket

And this is after! Well, after once I'd hidden all the ends!!!

Hexagon blanket

Apart from being super super soft - much softer than I expected - it's also super floppy!! It's much more snuggly now but feels a lot more delicate too. I discovered my end weaving left something to be desired, 4-5 hexagons came apart but were easily repaired and I've pulled all the other ends that wriggled loose to the back & I'm sewing them back in to hide.

I can't give exact details on my washers temperature, all I know is the wash cycle was about 30 but the drying doesn't say. I think the coolest drying cycle on the quickest time would probably be fine.

I am super pleased with the results though!

I don't think I'm going to be attempting another blanket for a while. Now I can get on with finishing another snood, the Green Garden Grannies cushion and a few other bit's and bobs.

Bye bye One-A-Day project! Thank you for having me Carole & all the other crochet/knitters, and *thank you* for helping to get this one finished!!

x x x x

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Green garden grannies

Hello :) It's been a few weeks since I spontaniously blogged - since going back to Caroles One-a-day project I've only been blogging my Tuesdays Tallies - this weeks will be *very* exciting though :D

I got to a point in hexagon making where I ran out of cream wool, which was kind of essential to joining the whole thing together! While I was waiting for more to arrive in the post I whipped up these.


I've got a lovely collection of green yarns now (I wish Stylecrafts range was better!) and I've had an urge to go back to squares for a while so it seemed like a good opportunity. I've been making more today actually, I think it might end up as a cushion.

Hexagon blanket

I got the pattern from Attic 24, it's her Summer Garden Granny Square and I love the way it starts as a circle (like the hexagons!) and ends up as a square :)

Green garden granny square

I've edged these in white using trebles and sewed them together with the long tail left over. For the other side I'm going to keep the whole thing green and use Lucy's join-as-you-go method, really to use a variety of techniques and have a bit of fun.


This is one finished side. The other is still a work in progress.

Green garden granny squares

Thanks to everyone who's pushed me into completing my hexagon blanket, I can promise that on Tuesday I'll have a ta-dah for you!!

x x x x

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesdays Tallies: six

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The end of the hexagon blanket is almost here...! My cream wool arrived last week so I'm now onto the last bit before the border :)

Last week Deb from A World of Imagination asked how I was going to edge my blanket and I've finally got to the point where I can show you :)

I figured the easiest thing would be to draw it...


The sections I've coloured orange I decided to make half-hexagons to fill what would have been quite large gaps. I don't mind the sides too much (where the green triangles are) and I think it will look quite nice with a zig-zag edge.

I've since found a couple of tutorials and diagrams to make half-hexagons but I made it up as I went along and it was really quite easy. As I speak I'm trying to make a proper tutorial but it's going to take a lot longer than I thought so I'll probably post that later.

You begin as normal - I use a magic circle, chain 3 and then make 6 trebles (US dc) into the middle. Tighten the magic circle and fasten off.

Half hexagons

For round two slip stitch into the first chain 3, chain 3 and treble 1 (US dc) into the same stitch (makes one bobble stitch). Make 6 more bobbles in each treble from round 1.

Half hexagons

I love the way they look like rainbows :)

Half hexagons

Round three. Chain 3 into the first bobble of round two and make 2 more trebles to make a cluster. Chain 1. Treble 3 into the next bobble, chain 1. Repeat til the end - you should have 7 clusters in total.

Half hexagons

They look even more like rainbows now huh?

Half hexagons

Half hexagons

Round 4 is made up of two rounds really, you just can't see the first.

To make sure the last round is the right way round, you want to do this bit on the reverse.

Slip stitch into the top of chain 3, chain 3 and slip stitch into the gap between the trebles. Continue to the end of the round - I keep saying round but they're anything but round!

Turn the half-hex over and slip stitch into the first chain loop thing - Chain 3 and treble 2 into the same chain and treble three into the next loop.

Treble 3 into the next loop, chain 2 and then treble another 3 into the same loop. This makes a corner.

Treble 3 into the next chain, then do the corner again - treble 3, chain 2, treble 3 into the same loops.

In the next two loops make 3 more trebles and tie off

Half hexagons

I edged mine with double crochet (US sc) in cream (!!) to finish.

Half hexagons

These should fill in all the big gaps to make a straight edge. I really hope what I've just written makes sense - if not feel free to email me - nicoleandthebee at gmail.com :-)

As always you can visit Caroles blog for more Tuesdays Tallies by clicking the banner

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesdays Tallies: five

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Running out of yarn is never a good thing but it's even worse when you're right-at-the-end of a project!!!

Now I have to be honest, I've actually sewn in all my hexagons but I don't think it's quite long enough so I decided to make another two rows - in doing so I've decided I'm not going to post any more blanket photos until the end... Yeah I know, that's really mean isn't it! x

I only had a few to make so I whipped them up quite quickly :)

Hexagons round four

Sorry for the terrible lighting... I wanted to photograph them before I started on the cream edge...

Hexagons round four

It's the cream edge that's causing the grief! For some reason unknown to any logic, when I ordered my last lot of Stylecraft I thought to myself "shall I buy more cream, I'm running low" and then decided not to. And then I ran out.

I decided to frog this for the cream lines (and also because I decided I didn't like it and I'm never going to put my laptop away anyway) and I didn't even take a photo before - it was at least twice as big!

Laptop bag

I ran out of that thinking I'd put a edge on every last one and then found more hexies I'd lost under the sofa... So I ripped out the very last cream row of this!

Baby rainbow ripple

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tuesdays Tallies: four

Ahhh so they were dahlias!!  A virtual prize by virtue of more flower and crochet pictures for anyone who got it right and a thank you from me because it was quite annoying not knowing...

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Welcome back to Tuesdays Tallies.  I have lots to show you :)  On Sunday after all the excitement of our 6 gold medals the day before (I am loving the Olympics!!!), J and I took a trip to the New Smithfield Market which is basically a massive bar boot not far from us.   We've been passed loads of times and I quite like rummaging for bargains but we'd never been.

Neither of us are morning people so we didn't get there til gone 11 so I assume all the "good stuff" had gone as there was a lot of tat left. There were SO many VCR players, boxes of tangle cables, old games, junk, more junk...! I did find two pretty tins which I bagged (and haggled!) for £1.50 so I can't complain too much.  They say tea & sugar on the back but they'll probably become pots for crafty things.
My crochet hook's been pretty much non stop this week, when I'm not screaming at the telly "GO GO GO!!! RUUUUNNNNN!" or popping to that pesky place called work.  Round four is done and there are even borders with ends ready to be sewn together.  I like it this way - I hate sewing in ends but the ends sew the hexies together.  Simples.
Hexagons round four with border
I even got to crochet outside for a whole ten minutes before black clouds decided to plant themselves in front of the sun. Lovely...
Stylecraft Special DK
And just after I'd watered these it started to rain.  Yay!

So all hexies are ready to be sewn in and then I can see how many more I might need...  Luckily this bit (from what I remember the last time I did this) is quite quick
Hexagons round four with border
This was the sky last night.  How epic!

x x x x