Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tuesdays Tallies: four

Ahhh so they were dahlias!!  A virtual prize by virtue of more flower and crochet pictures for anyone who got it right and a thank you from me because it was quite annoying not knowing...

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Welcome back to Tuesdays Tallies.  I have lots to show you :)  On Sunday after all the excitement of our 6 gold medals the day before (I am loving the Olympics!!!), J and I took a trip to the New Smithfield Market which is basically a massive bar boot not far from us.   We've been passed loads of times and I quite like rummaging for bargains but we'd never been.

Neither of us are morning people so we didn't get there til gone 11 so I assume all the "good stuff" had gone as there was a lot of tat left. There were SO many VCR players, boxes of tangle cables, old games, junk, more junk...! I did find two pretty tins which I bagged (and haggled!) for £1.50 so I can't complain too much.  They say tea & sugar on the back but they'll probably become pots for crafty things.
My crochet hook's been pretty much non stop this week, when I'm not screaming at the telly "GO GO GO!!! RUUUUNNNNN!" or popping to that pesky place called work.  Round four is done and there are even borders with ends ready to be sewn together.  I like it this way - I hate sewing in ends but the ends sew the hexies together.  Simples.
Hexagons round four with border
I even got to crochet outside for a whole ten minutes before black clouds decided to plant themselves in front of the sun. Lovely...
Stylecraft Special DK
And just after I'd watered these it started to rain.  Yay!

So all hexies are ready to be sewn in and then I can see how many more I might need...  Luckily this bit (from what I remember the last time I did this) is quite quick
Hexagons round four with border
This was the sky last night.  How epic!

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  1. I totally agree, Olympics so exciting it's hard to keep count. I also sew my squares/whatever together with a long end I deliberately leave, kills 2 birds with one stone so to speak! Fiona (KinitKnatKnotUK)

  2. That sunset photo is aMAZing! Love your hexies! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. It's looking fabulous!! Can't wait to see them sewn together - Go, Nicole, gooooo!! :D xxxx

  4. I just love your hexies! Now I want to make a hexie throw...lol.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  5. Your blanket is so pretty, loving the colours. Photo's of the flowers are beautiful and great find with the dotty pots.
    My blanket is just knit so very easy to pick up and put down. Deb xxx

  6. Oh, your hexies are really lovely and I like your pots too. ;-) Your fotos are beautyful, especially the last. What a view, wow!
    Greetings from Germany. Terra.

  7. The hexies are beautiful, well done on getting round four done. It always rains after you water the plants or clean the windows, it's the law, lol!

    Lori xx


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