Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesdays Tallies: five

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Running out of yarn is never a good thing but it's even worse when you're right-at-the-end of a project!!!

Now I have to be honest, I've actually sewn in all my hexagons but I don't think it's quite long enough so I decided to make another two rows - in doing so I've decided I'm not going to post any more blanket photos until the end... Yeah I know, that's really mean isn't it! x

I only had a few to make so I whipped them up quite quickly :)

Hexagons round four

Sorry for the terrible lighting... I wanted to photograph them before I started on the cream edge...

Hexagons round four

It's the cream edge that's causing the grief! For some reason unknown to any logic, when I ordered my last lot of Stylecraft I thought to myself "shall I buy more cream, I'm running low" and then decided not to. And then I ran out.

I decided to frog this for the cream lines (and also because I decided I didn't like it and I'm never going to put my laptop away anyway) and I didn't even take a photo before - it was at least twice as big!

Laptop bag

I ran out of that thinking I'd put a edge on every last one and then found more hexies I'd lost under the sofa... So I ripped out the very last cream row of this!

Baby rainbow ripple

Still it wasn't enough and I really couldn't keep frogging everything... I realised I hadn't made any half hexagons which also need borders, and I want to crochet around the whole finished thing in cream to tie it all together - so guess what? I've ordered more cream. Horrah for ebay!!

Now I'm waiting twiddling my thumbs...

Am going to see what the other One-A-Day-ers have been up to - you can do the same if you click the banner above :)

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  1. Your use of color is: stunnng...enriching...reknewing...soooo appreciated by me.
    Thanks for posting, Nicole!!!
    Gracie xxx

  2. GLad you could order more cream so you will have some pretty crochet work to show for it. You didn't rip out that pretty ripple afghan did you?

    I was wondering how to approach the finishing of my African flower hexie blanket. How are you doing your hexies? Will you go slight zig zag on the sides and deeper on the top and bottom? Any advice is appreciated.

    Hugs from Holland,

  3. I love your colour choice, the hexagons look so pretty altogether. Deb x

  4. Lovely work, but ripping everything out to steal cream made me giggle....I have a horrible feeling I revised my last order down from 2 to 1 balls of cream, silly me :o Looking forward to seeing the finished article. Fiona

  5. I have frogged to get yarn I needed for another project as well. Your use of color is wonderful. I love all the bright colors together.

  6. lovely, lovely, lovely! All your projekts are really lovely. Right on!
    Greetings from Germany.

  7. WOW, you got some great colourful projects going on. LOVE them all. Great job!

  8. Such beautiful work! I have been pulling out fabric scraps lately and stitching small table runners, but seeing your bright colored crocheted lovelies makes me think maybe it's time to see what yarn I've got stashed away and find a project. I love the brightly colored stripey piece. Is it going to be a blanket?

  9. How funny that you did all that ripping but ended up having to order more yarn anyway! I really can't wait to see it finished so I hope your yarn turns up quickly.

  10. Oh your colour combinations are absolutely beautiful!

  11. I agree with the others, your colour combos are gorgeous! Love those hexies!
    Victoria xx

  12. Prettiest hexies I've ever seen! Sooo looking forward to your Ta-Dahh :-) xxxx

  13. Hi Nicole.. oh I just love your hexies! I've wanted to try those for a long time.. but right now I'm working on a shawl. I am back from camping and posted a LOT of photos.. I hope you can pop over and see. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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