Saturday, 27 March 2010


Yesterday was a very sad day, I had to take our hamster Harry to the vet's to be put down :-( She was an old lady (I know, Harry's a boys name) and was looking a bit poorly but we've had her 2 and a half years which for a hamster is a pretty long time! This is Harry just after she'd had her three babies, Hugh, Little Ham and Baby Ham (that's how we found out she was a girl!) Only Hugh is left now, we're not sure why Little & Baby Ham died before their mum but I guess that's how things go.


In order to cheer myself up I decided to partake in a little bit of baking last night, which I've not done in absolutely ages, since I baked 4 huge cakes for a charity day at work (after which I decided I never wanted to bake again).

First up Kitten Fairy Cakes. Ok they don't look anything like Kittens but it's the recipe name, I think you're supposed to decorate them to look like cats but I think stars are just as lovely! The recipe is from an old cook book my mum has and it has never failed me.

Ta dah!

Fairy cakes

Jelly treats

I also made some ginger bread stars although I'm not much a fan of ginger, but this was less of a following-a-recipe and more of a putting-pre-mixed-ingredients-into-a-bowl! Unintentionally they look quite festive but they were from a Christmas present so maybe this was inevitable!

Ginger bread starts

Sunday, 7 March 2010


I almost always buy what my mum calls pinks at the supermarket but on this occasion I was inspired by Lucy at Attic 24 and went with pink tulips. They've just started to open out and they're so beautiful aren't they? A definite future purchase!

Onto more crafty stuff now, I finished my friends cushion I'd been making on and off for a few weeks and here it is!

Cushion front Cushion back Cushion front Cusion back

Lovely flowery buttons :-)

Flower buttons Flower button

Sewing things

I'm a little bit excited after my trip yesterday to purchase my first fabric stash. I'd been told about Leon's Fabric Superstore by someone at Chorlton Knits and I tell you it's a little gold mine! I wish I'd taken my camera now* because it was floor to ceiling in some places of rolls of lovely material. I don't mind telling you I spent a little more than I intended but I'm really pleased with my haul.

*I have a great camera but I always steal J's so by my camera I mean his.

I immediately wanted to make something and I've been meaning to make a knitting needle / crochet hook roll for a while now, so here it is, ta dah!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Bees come to Manchester

Really pleased about the article I've just read on
Northern Quarter

"There's going to be a real buzz about Manchester this summer - as the city joins the fight to save the honeybee.

The Plan Bee project is installing bee hives in gardens and allotments in inner city areas.

Residents are being encouraged to keep into keeping apiaries – a collection of hives – and encourage a growth in the bee population."

We really need bees, bees are good.