Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mini bunting flags

How about my little nodding Unazukin dolls!? They are cute, pointless and they nod or shake their heads! The perfect decision makers; should I buy more yarn? Nod. Should I go for a run? Head shake. Excellent.

I've been busy combining both of my loves; crochet and knitting!  Le perfect combination.  Someone (and upsettingly I can't remember who!) blogged about some bunting they'd knitted and I loved it so much so I obviously had to make to my own.  Had to.

Fortunately I book marked the pattern and it's called Knitted Bunting Party Flags by Audrey Wilson.

I started out and after only a few rows I decided it was looking quite cute as it was but I wasn't happy with the finished flags.

Knitted bunting

It took me a while to stop the edges from being so lumpy and bumpy after doing the kf&b stitches but practice really does make perfect (ok, near enough!).

Knitted bunting

I decided to do a round of double crochet to finish off each flag, and blocked them with my iron to get a flatter shape.

Knitted bunting

And because they are so quick to whip up I have quite a lot of little flags now!

Knitted bunting
Knitted bunting

Although I can't share the pattern here (you should go to Ravelry for that, it's free!) I can tell you I knitted until I had 12 stitches on my needles and then I knit 3 more rows before casting off. My needles are 3.75mm :-)

x x x x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bye bye bank holiday

I can't believe another Bank Holiday has been and gone. Bring on June when we get two in a row - thank you Mrs Queen!!

I was being massively in awe over the weekend of other bloggers, in particular Matt (According to Matt) and his latest creation, a granny square cushion with buttons. Swoooon! It's made me realise I need to start finishing more little things, then I keep you guys entertained! So I've made some more mini bunting flags and as soon as I have enough I'll photograph them and hopefully decide how to string them together :-)

Pink snood
In the meantime I've been working on this for one of my best friends! She ordered a pink snood so a pink snood she shall have. She thinks it won't be done until at least Christmas but I'm hoping to finish for her birthday at the end of May... We'll see :-)

It's pretty simple, cast on enough stitches so when the ends are sewn together to form a tube it should be the perfect size to go over ones noggin. Oh and the yarns Stylecraft Special DK Pomegranate 1083

On Saturday me and J took a trip to a vintage / antique shop on our street that we have *never* visited before! Admittedly I don't think it's been open in it's current state before so we decided to take a look. I got this necklace for £5!


It was really interesting, wishing I'd taken some photos now! There were loads of old stone fireplaces, roll-top baths, stained glass windows from churches and tonnes of old things like typewriters, chairs, desks and clothes. Who knew all this was literally on my doorstep?

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Quarterly round up :-)

Back in January I decided not to set myself any ridiculous New Years Resolutions; there would be no joining the gym, no expectations to do things I know that realistically I am never going to achieve! Instead I opted for a couple of goals, simple things I wanted to do and thought "that might be possible!"

So climbing was part of it, I wanted to do some outdoor routes and lead a 6a - both completed! I wanted to eat more healthily and have less meat in my diet the latter of which I've managed really well (I made a veggie lasagne a couple of weeks ago!) but I still have to admit to the odd KFC... THE SHAME!

I was really keen to finish all my 2011 projects and apart from my hexagon blanket and a few other little things I think I've done really well! Here's a quick round up;

Stripy snood, one of my favourite things to wear because it's so cosy!
Finished snood :-)

My mums crazy fluffy caterpillar!
Pink fluffy wrap

I haven't done much sewing in 2012 but this is one of my proudest productions
Polka dot skirt

Ahhhh finally! This scarf took ages because moss stitch calls for a little more attention but I'm so happy it's finally completed
Moss stitch scarf - finished!

My favourite project of the year, I think it will take something really special to top this
Bubble gum blanket

Admittedly I've started a few other projects too but mostly they've also been finished :-)

Baby cable hat #2
Baby hats for little heads
Cable hat

I've started some mini bunting; I'm not sure what to do with it yet!
Knitted bunting

And this will eventually be my new laptops cover :-)
Laptop bag

I'm also knitting up a snood for my friends birthday and that lovely pink bunting. I'm starting to think my 2012 unfinished projects are getting ahead of me again!

x x x x