Sunday, 6 May 2012

Quarterly round up :-)

Back in January I decided not to set myself any ridiculous New Years Resolutions; there would be no joining the gym, no expectations to do things I know that realistically I am never going to achieve! Instead I opted for a couple of goals, simple things I wanted to do and thought "that might be possible!"

So climbing was part of it, I wanted to do some outdoor routes and lead a 6a - both completed! I wanted to eat more healthily and have less meat in my diet the latter of which I've managed really well (I made a veggie lasagne a couple of weeks ago!) but I still have to admit to the odd KFC... THE SHAME!

I was really keen to finish all my 2011 projects and apart from my hexagon blanket and a few other little things I think I've done really well! Here's a quick round up;

Stripy snood, one of my favourite things to wear because it's so cosy!
Finished snood :-)

My mums crazy fluffy caterpillar!
Pink fluffy wrap

I haven't done much sewing in 2012 but this is one of my proudest productions
Polka dot skirt

Ahhhh finally! This scarf took ages because moss stitch calls for a little more attention but I'm so happy it's finally completed
Moss stitch scarf - finished!

My favourite project of the year, I think it will take something really special to top this
Bubble gum blanket

Admittedly I've started a few other projects too but mostly they've also been finished :-)

Baby cable hat #2
Baby hats for little heads
Cable hat

I've started some mini bunting; I'm not sure what to do with it yet!
Knitted bunting

And this will eventually be my new laptops cover :-)
Laptop bag

I'm also knitting up a snood for my friends birthday and that lovely pink bunting. I'm starting to think my 2012 unfinished projects are getting ahead of me again!

x x x x


  1. These are lovely shots!!! My favorites are the cosy cowl, the striped blanket and laptop cover. The yarn for that cowl looks great!

  2. That Bee has sure been busy :) x

  3. Love those little hats. And you ripple - gorgeous!!

  4. I love them all! You've been a busy little BEE.. good for you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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