Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Thank you :-)

Hello! Give away time is over (whoops is it Wednesday already?) and I had a lot of fun reading all your comments. I hadn't anticipated how drained I'd feel coming back from climbing and I am SO glad I asked for something to make me laugh - it really cheered me up so thank you :-)

Climbing incidentally went very well - I did my first outdoor climb & multi-pitch (where you do several climbs in succession to get to the top!) and some terrific walks for hours up hill - not so fun!

That right there I climbed.

But I digress! To the giveaway at hand :-) I popped everyones names into a hat (actually it was a bowl!) and I can reveal that the winner of my little cactus is...


Congratulations :-D  Thank you again to all who entered x

Bye bye little cactus!

x x x x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

One Hundred Giveaway

It is FINALLY time - horray! It took me a while to get time to make a giveaway prize and to find decent enough light to photograph it but here we are. I'd like to thank everyone who's encouraged me to blog and especially everyone who said I wasn't a rubbish blogger haha! I do need to organise myself better though to get time to a) read my favourite blogs and b) do the decent thing and leave a comment!

So Teresa Kasner... - finally time to put an end to the mystery! Do you remember back here where I posted about a miniature cactii garden I crocheted for my mum for Christmas? Teresa suggested this would make an excellent giveaway prize and she was so right!

I hooked up this little fella on Monday night and I'm very happy to say he/she/it will belong to a lucky winner :-)

It might have a flower but it can still be a he

Cactii have male and female parts apparantly!


Having never had a giveaway before I'm going with the flow - I've entered enough to know how it works :-)


Nice and easy. You need to:

a) Be a follower or a new follower - I don't even mind if you only follow because you want a cactus

b) Leave a comment confirming the above rule has been adhered to and...

c) Tell me something that will make me laugh or smile! This bit's important!!

It can be a joke, something silly, something nice that happened to you or that you did - I don't mind one bit but when I come back from my climbing trip I imagine I'm going to be a broken individual and this sounds like a great way to cheer me up!

Closing date:

Sunday 25th March!

It's not a very long time but long enough I imagine. You can post all day Sunday, I might even let you off in the early hours of Monday morning but on Monday when I awake I want to be pulling a name out of a magicians hat!

I um'd and ah'd about who could enter but as I love all my followers near and far, you can enter wherever you live, unless it's on the International Space Station ok?

Awesome! What are you waiting for?

x x x x

Monday, 12 March 2012

Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue

Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments on my last post :-) I've finally made my giveaway prize!! Unfortunately I haven't taken any nice photos so you'll just have to wait until I do :-)

In the meantime how about a ripple update?

Bubble Gum Ripple Blanket
It's going well! I'm actually back on the red now so I've come full circle and I just need to keep going until it's big enough for baby bump!

I've got a busy week coming up, on Friday I'll be off to the Lake District for a 5 day climbing trip - eeek! We're going to be camping (in MARCH!) and I've never done an outdoor climb before so it should be interesting. I'm going to have to put a LOT of faith in my friends.

If I don't blog before then... Wish me luck!!!

x x x x

Monday, 5 March 2012

One hundred lovelies


That's the noise you make when you realise you've got 100 followers :-)

I honestly don't know how or why - especially as lately I've been a pretty bad blogger - but I'm thrilled all the same and even more motivated to do my part and erm, write stuff!

So I would like to say "thanks very much!" indeed to all you followers, and all you readers who might not be followers - I love you too! I will be posting a giveaway as soon as I make something and thanks to Teresa Kasner I have just the idea!

Well part of the reason I've not been blogging much is I've been finishing off things and I think there's only so many photos I can show you of this scarf:

Moss stitch Feb 2012
But there it is! Half a ball of yarn to go - I think it's going to be long!

Moss stitch Feb 2012
I made another baby hat too for my friend - now very proud father - at work who had a little boy two weeks ago.

Baby cable hat #2
My only reservation was the colour because he asked for "United Red" - I could barely bring myself to do it!!

Moving on.

Since my granddad died my family have been on "Nan watch" which essentially means making sure she's got lots of visitors and things to do. I should take this moment to say that my Nan is super strong and copes with most things remarkably and has taken everything so well - she is no quivering mess - so last weekend we took her out to Dunelm Mill to buy cushions. As you do. She'd not really been able to leave the house without someone to look after my graddad so this new found freedom is all a bit, well new!

While we were there I found this amazing mug for £2.99! "NO MORE MUGS!" said J. Haha said I - this one is coming home with me and you'll just have to put up with it and ALL the other mugs we have. So here we are :-)
Bunting mug :-)

Bunting mug :-)
Even better is my Dad paid so technically I didn't even buy the mug we didn't need. WIN! The last time my Mum & Dad did this they paid for wool I was after as a Christmas present. We've never seen it since.

x x x x