Thursday, 15 March 2012

One Hundred Giveaway

It is FINALLY time - horray! It took me a while to get time to make a giveaway prize and to find decent enough light to photograph it but here we are. I'd like to thank everyone who's encouraged me to blog and especially everyone who said I wasn't a rubbish blogger haha! I do need to organise myself better though to get time to a) read my favourite blogs and b) do the decent thing and leave a comment!

So Teresa Kasner... - finally time to put an end to the mystery! Do you remember back here where I posted about a miniature cactii garden I crocheted for my mum for Christmas? Teresa suggested this would make an excellent giveaway prize and she was so right!

I hooked up this little fella on Monday night and I'm very happy to say he/she/it will belong to a lucky winner :-)

It might have a flower but it can still be a he

Cactii have male and female parts apparantly!


Having never had a giveaway before I'm going with the flow - I've entered enough to know how it works :-)


Nice and easy. You need to:

a) Be a follower or a new follower - I don't even mind if you only follow because you want a cactus

b) Leave a comment confirming the above rule has been adhered to and...

c) Tell me something that will make me laugh or smile! This bit's important!!

It can be a joke, something silly, something nice that happened to you or that you did - I don't mind one bit but when I come back from my climbing trip I imagine I'm going to be a broken individual and this sounds like a great way to cheer me up!

Closing date:

Sunday 25th March!

It's not a very long time but long enough I imagine. You can post all day Sunday, I might even let you off in the early hours of Monday morning but on Monday when I awake I want to be pulling a name out of a magicians hat!

I um'd and ah'd about who could enter but as I love all my followers near and far, you can enter wherever you live, unless it's on the International Space Station ok?

Awesome! What are you waiting for?

x x x x


  1. a) I'm leaving a comment.
    b) I'm a follower.. from way back.
    c) A highway patrolman pulled alongside a speeding car on the freeway. Glancing at the car, he was astounded to see the blonde behind the wheel was knitting.

    Realizing she was oblivious to his flashing light and siren, the trooper cranked down his window, turned on his bullhorn and yelled, "Pull over!"

    "No!" the blonde yelled back, "It's a scarf!"

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. When I was a teen I used to collect cacti, I had lots of nasty, spiky ones, the nastier the better! One was called 'Sid Vicious'. My best friend at the time, hid part of Sid Vicious in my bed! When I climbed in to bed that night I jumped out like a 'Tom and Jerry' cartoon. Guess what? That friend is still my best friend today, more than 20 years later. I only have two cacti today and they are the non spiked ones. :) I would so love a crochet one. xxx

  3. A/ This is such a cute giveaway. I love cactii and this even better with not pickers!
    B/ A follower
    C/ A woman walks into a yarn store and asks for a length of wool yarn. The shopkeeper asks ,"How long do you need it?" The lady, new to the hobby of crochet, thought it over, then responded, "I guess I'll need it for a pretty long time. I'm going to make a sweater!"

  4. I have admired that crocheted cactus for a while, and was going to make one as a pincushion. So, how wonderful that you are having a giveaway for such a cactus. Oh, and I'm already a follower.

    Something funny? Gosh that's hard. Ok, My daughter is 3 and very cheeky. When Grandad was going home the other night he gave her a kiss, and she wiped it off. He gave her another, and jokingly said, "don't wipe it off", and her hand hovered at her head, and she told him "i'll wipe it off when you are gone!" Sure enough, once he had driven away, the first thing she did was wipe off the kiss!!

  5. A & B ) I am a new follower of your blog. :)
    C) I have lived in the Southwest my entire life and I STILL cannot even keep a cactus alive! This little factoid about me cracks my friends up. A crochet cactus is the perfect solution for me and it is so cute! :)

  6. What a lush cactus.
    I am a follower of yours and have been for a wee while now
    My funny story is that my 4 year old a few months went to my mums to spend the evening. My mum was doing the ironing and my darling daughter asked my mum why you iron clothes and my mum responded with you iron clothes to get the wrinkles out in which apparently my daughter looked thoughtful for a wee while and then said 'nan! If You iron clothes to get the wrinkles out why don't you iron your face!'. Lol ouchy you have to love a child innocence. That certainly made me laugh
    Thank you for your lovely giveaway and most importantly your lovely blog.

  7. I'm a follower and I love Teresa's comment! How can anyone top that??
    Anyway going round the supermarket the other day I stepped on something!! looking down I saw yesterday's knickers hanging out of the bottom of my trouser leg! Ooops!!

  8. I hope that my email subscription to your blog counts as following. I really want to win it that pretty cactus. In my house, live plants don't stand a chance. There is a severely hormonal teenage girl who tries her non-hormonal mother's patience daily in my house, along with four dogs. That's enough to make any live plant want to curl up and die.

  9. I don't enter competitions very often but that cactus really wants to come to my house it does!

    I am already a follower. :-)

    Now something funny. Hmmm I have not had a very funny week. I trod on a metal rod which went straight through my foot. It was not funny at all. Perhaps my husbands comment as he reefed it out was. "Well lucky it wasn't me" The look on his face when he realised what he said was quite funny! :-)

    Heres a link to a funny story about my kids when they were little if you want a good laugh....

  10. I'm a brand new follower!!!

    What do you call the cross between a parrot and a centipede?
    A walkie talkie :)

    Knittinggirl13 on rav.

  11. Fabulous cactus!

    I'm a follower. Something funny.....

    Two fish in a tank, one says to the other, 'how do you drive this thing?'

    Lori xx

  12. Cute!!!!!! I'm in and I follow you in my Google Reader.

    What do you get if you cross a pig and a cactus?
    A porky-pine!
    *groan* That's one for the kids!


  13. I am a follower on GFC Susan D
    Whilst I was on the computer the other my 5yr old son shouted at me "Mum look I'm flashing" shocked I quickly looked up. He still had his clothes on put he had put one of his toys police lights down his trousers and pressed the button so the lights were flashing. I couldn't help but laugh!


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