Saturday, 27 March 2010


Yesterday was a very sad day, I had to take our hamster Harry to the vet's to be put down :-( She was an old lady (I know, Harry's a boys name) and was looking a bit poorly but we've had her 2 and a half years which for a hamster is a pretty long time! This is Harry just after she'd had her three babies, Hugh, Little Ham and Baby Ham (that's how we found out she was a girl!) Only Hugh is left now, we're not sure why Little & Baby Ham died before their mum but I guess that's how things go.


In order to cheer myself up I decided to partake in a little bit of baking last night, which I've not done in absolutely ages, since I baked 4 huge cakes for a charity day at work (after which I decided I never wanted to bake again).

First up Kitten Fairy Cakes. Ok they don't look anything like Kittens but it's the recipe name, I think you're supposed to decorate them to look like cats but I think stars are just as lovely! The recipe is from an old cook book my mum has and it has never failed me.

Ta dah!

Fairy cakes

Jelly treats

I also made some ginger bread stars although I'm not much a fan of ginger, but this was less of a following-a-recipe and more of a putting-pre-mixed-ingredients-into-a-bowl! Unintentionally they look quite festive but they were from a Christmas present so maybe this was inevitable!

Ginger bread starts

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