Friday, 16 April 2010

Happy erm... Late Easter!

Ok so I know it's been and gone but I took loads of Easter photos with the best intentions of blogging and simply haven't had the chance to even think about it! A trip to my parents house in Kent was just what was needed and while I was there I found out I'd been accepted for a job I applied for! Good times :)

My mum has such lovely things and I always like admiring her garden and it's different phases each time I visit. I found some daffodils and tulips growing under some trees which I liberated to the front of the garden which I was quite excited by actually! We usually decorate for Easter with eggs and bunnys and now I have a few things of my own to put in our flat next year :)

Easter Easter

These are the vanilla biscuits I baked as Easter presents for my nan and with my mum's catalogue of crafting equipment we also made this cute little box!

Easter Easter Easter

Now onto the good stuff...! A few weeks ago I took a delivery of something sooooo amazing I couldn't help keep looking at it. Ok it's only wool (no it's not only wool it's pure bliss) but I love it! Look at the colours, aren't they fabulous? I actually had no idea what to do with it, only knew it looked lovely and it was on offer. Yes on offer! It came from this lovely site called Hejhog and was in the sale which for Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino is very very good indeed. Sooooo soft. Soooo lovely. Mmmmmm...

Debbie Bliss Wool

Hello! Sorry where was I! Oh yes, wool. Lucy in the Attic of 24 has once again inspired me to make something pretty and quite practical! I have loads of pasta and jam jars full of pennies (and some with bigger coins!) but I've always hidden them away for they don't look very nice do they? Well following this tutorial did the trick and now look! Lovely jars, in lovely jackets, filling with lovely money for a lovely holiday. One day :)

Jars in jackets
Jars in jackets
Jars in jackets

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