Sunday, 5 June 2011

Under the Tuscan sun

The lovely Teresa of Oregon (give her a wave!) said I should put up some photos of my travels so I thought why not! I'll be able to look back and think about all the nice things I saw and did :-)

I took far too many photos (not nearly as many as my brother who was on several hundred on day 2) so I decided to make a couple of mosaics so you aren't here all day...


Some of the little features in European cities (think Florence, Rome, Paris, Barcelona...) are just beautiful! I just don't see this sort of thing back in England, look at the amazing door bells and post boxes!

And of course the buildings are just stunning too! The leaning tower of Pisa leans a lot more than I actually thought, I really am surprised it's still standing to be honest.


The range of colours of the builings, gold, pink, yellow, blues are really beauttiful.


If you've followed my blog for a while you'll know I love flowers! Tuscany hasn't disappointed me, even though it's so hot they still have an amazing variety of plants that obviously love the climate and look stunning!


A little more unusual but something I also really love is the grafitti - not like we end up with here in England with a load of rubbish "tags" and mess - these I like to call street art! They're done with stencils and I've seen loads when I've been to Europe (you can see my set here) There were a couple I didn't want to post because there was a bit of swearing involved & I didn't want to offend anyone :-)

See you soon!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. I enjoyed it immensely! What beautiful surroundings and architecture! I hope to visit there someday! I really hope!!!!!

  2. What a lovely colourful post Nicole. It speaks for itself.

    CN x

  3. Nicole, how wonderful for you that you got to visit there, I want to do that sooOOoo bad! I want to thank you for the linkie in your post.. that is always so FUN to see! :-)

    Loved your photos.. my you took some good ones!! Thanks for sharing..

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. What lovely photos. It looks beautiful! Hey, thank you for linking to my blog Nicole! Sorry if I've thanked you before but I just can't remember!

  5. Hello, thanks for visiting d commenting on my blog nice to meet you. I've a had a lokka round your lovely blog and it's full of beautiful cochet and knitting, not to mention the stunning photo's of your travels in this post. Look forward to visiting again xox

  6. Beautiful photos, Teresa is wonderful, isn't she! Some day I wish to travel too, so many things to see...


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