Sunday, 17 July 2011

My new Etsy shop!

Ok ok... It might be a little early to say "shop". It might even be a little early to have one! But I got a little fed up recently of working for other people and doing a job that I don't love. I love having a job, don't get me wrong, it's just what could be better than working for yourself and loving it!


So in a moment of madness I whipped up some bunting and decided to sell it. I doubt this will make my millions, I doubt I will even be making any money from this but I might be able to buy a couple of balls of yarn which would make me a very happy bee indeed!


I haven't put much into advertising this as yet but I'm hoping one day I might be able to make custom bunting for people :-) This has been hand lovingly made by me (of course!!) and I have one similar to match, so whoever buys it (ok if...!) will be like my bunting buddy or something ;-)

My shop is here so have a visit - there's no obligation to buy, I won't even know you've been :-D

x x x x


  1. Hello! Thanks for visiting Planet Penny, it's lovely to find a new blog to visit. Good luck with your Etsy Shop, the bunting is so pretty.

  2. Wow, pretty bunting! I hope you have better luck than I am having on my Etsy shop - I've had it up for months and not one sale.. but it's fun to have one. I hope you find a job that you love.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I haven't been around blogland lately... I see you have been busy! Boy, how lucky girl you were with the swap at We love Lucy group!!! Nanita did good! I want to see what you make with it!!
    Your bunting is pretty... as Teresa says, good luck! I've also had mine for some months now and no sell!

  4. Pretty bunting Nicole!!All the best for your new Etsy shop!!

  5. I love the bunting so much I had to give it a home at my house. It fits in perfectly :) Thanks


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