Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesdays tallies; One a Day!

One a Day Banner

Carole has started a Tuesdays tallies to share how far we are with our One a Day projects. I've never been involved in a weekly thing like this so it's quite exciting and means I will definitely be updating more often. Aren't you thrilled?! ;-)

You can see Caroles first Tuesday Tally here and it has links to other participants :-)

So here we go!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

If you're in the One a Day CAL send me a link to your blog or ravelry page!

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  1. I love all your hexagons, well done you!

    Thanks for joining in, I'm glad you are enjoying it so far :)

  2. Those look great and so colourful!!

    I am also doing One a Day,so you will find me on Carole's page :)

  3. Wow - some lovely colours there. I am doing Hexagon's as well - my link can be found over on Carole's blog too. It's exciting to see everyone's updates.

  4. Oooh, so pretty, I've seen a few of these lovely hexagon patterns recently and it's making me itch to start another project.

  5. Hi! You hexagons are gorgeous! Lovely colour choices... I'm in the On-a-Day too :)x

  6. your hexagons are soooo pretty, I just love your colour combinations!! I can't wait to see more in your next update :)

  7. Wow! Beautiful!
    I'm really looking forward to watching your progress! Keep it up! =]


  8. Another gorgeous crochet pattern,I am seeing so many things I want to make. Love the colours you are using

  9. lovely one a day project, real pretty colours too. will pop by again to see your progress.

  10. Dear Nicole I´m in the one a day K/kal. My blog is www.cocinandomanualidades.blogspot.com your proyect is lovely! soon i´m gona show mine!! xxx Anita.

  11. Gorgeous colours,love the hexagons,I will look forward to seeing more. I'm doing African Flower hexagons for my OaD and will be joining you all next Tuesday. Deb xxxx

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  13. Your hexagons are all lovely, what lovely colours!

  14. Hi there Nicole! I just want to say you have a great eye for color! Your hexies are sooOOoo pretty! Good for you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Thanks everybody!!

    @ Carol - biggest thanks to you my love I am loving this so much :-D

    @ K2tog ta hon :-)

    @ Hazel I'll look you up soon, add computer upgrading recently so haven't been about online!

    @ MAdmum Yay another hexagon lover! Will also check out your blog :-)

    @ Hilly T DO IT!! Hexagons are lovely!!

    @ Casey thanks! I love Stylecraft!!

  16. ...

    @ Jill I shall certainly check your post!

    @ Rainy Day Thanks! Only 2 days to go hehe x

    @ LeeAnn thank you for the motivation! It's like being in the marathon and having people cheer you on!

    @ Sheepish I know there's SO many amazing CALs going on right now! Colours are Stylecraft Special DK

    @ Shelly Thank you!!

    @ Anita Just popping over now and I LOVE that you're also making hexagons, such a great shape! Your colours are awesome :-D

    @ Truely Jaded Don't worry I'm making LOTS more!

    @ Deb Woo I really do love the african flowers, I think I saw yours actually they're lovely!

    @ Faith thank you so much!

    @ Teresa Hello lady! Saw your latest family photos, you have such amazing grandkids! Thank for your lovely words as always x

  17. so pretty! I love the fabrics you photographed them on too...

  18. Thanks for the comment, thought I'd pop over and say hi. I love the hexagons, I've never got round to making them yet.
    I read your profile and noted the comment about the bees and it instantly made me think of the book Generation A by Douglas Coupland. Have you read it? It's set in a not so distant future where all bees have disappeared!
    Kier x


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