Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tuesdays tallies: 6

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Guess what!! I haven't dropped off the face of the universe and I haven't left blog land :-) I'm actually writing this post a day early and lets be honest I've only had two weeks to get something sorted to show you...!

Two weeks back my excuses were presents for other people - you guys were loving CJ and the iPhone pouch, thank youuu!!! Both were happily received :-)

Last week I had no excuse, I just hid and didn't post about my second week without hexagons...!  Life just seemed to get in the way of living, every second I spend working I wish I was making stuff but if I leave then I can't afford the nice things I like, so I guess I'll stick at it :-)

This week I promised to make it up to myself and all the other One a Day participants. Would you believe if I said I've nearly caught up on all the days I missed? You wouldn't?! I'll have to prove it then!

Week 4


Week 4

I almost managed two of every colour, that's a lot of sewing in to do!

Week 4

Stackable goodness

Twenty TwoTwenty Three

Twenty FourTwenty Five

Twenty SixTwenty Seven

Twenty EightTwenty Nine

ThirtyThirty One

Thirty TwoThirty Three

Thirty FourThirty Five

Thirty SixThirty Seven

Thirty EightThirty Nine


THERE! I am totally guilt free now and back on target! I can't tell you how lovely that feels :-)  I'm going to try and catch up now on reading everyone elses blog because I'm really missing this part of my crochet / knitting life!

Much love to you all :-)

x x x x


  1. I have found it a bit harder to get hooky time in also. I have gotten a bit done, but I was making really fast progress before I went back to work. Sigh. Why can't we just spend our work time on our hobbies. LOL. Your hexies are looking great. Love the colors.

  2. I just adore the color combos in these hexies. Bravo for you! It takes an artist's eye to put such nice colors together. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Your hexies look super pretty!!And so good that now you are back on track!!I don't expect to do that anytime soon!!:)

  4. Well done for getting back on track. It's so easy to get sidelined sometimes - yours colours look amazing.

  5. Good job, you are back on the straight and narrow! Your photographs are very pretty :)

  6. If it weren't for seeing you back over on Rav, I would've gotten worried! :D Well done catching up, such pretty pretty hexies! xxxx

  7. Hi! I am happy that you are back! Your hexagons look wonderful!
    And no loose ends, wow!
    Have a wonderful day! Barbina

  8. Hi!
    Great work! Love all those pretty colors. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  9. Oh, I always feel exactly the same when I'm working too, lol! I have to keep telling myself as every hour passes that that's another ball of yarn I've earned, lol ;)

    Your hexagons are looking just gorgeous, and well done you for catching up with them too! :)

  10. Wow beautiful colours and dont they look pretty on that stripy background!

  11. I love the colours - they are going to make a gorgeous blanket!

  12. It must be nice to have caught up you have done so much and the look so great. xx

  13. It's a good feeling when you catch up isn't it, I love the colour combo, they are happy colours. Have a good week.xxx

  14. Great colours! I've been working on some cotton hexies for a table mat but yours are much nicer... can you have hexie envy I wonder? lol.

    Hope you're having a good week, happy hooking :)

    Louise xx

  15. Lovely blog and crochet really colourfullx

  16. I like it, I like it... it's going to turn out great. Just found you and new follower.

  17. Love how you are blending the colors - great effect!

  18. Thanks everyone :-) It's good to be blogging *and* finding time to read other blogs too! I miss it a lot :-) x x x


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