Monday, 9 January 2012

Pink Fluff Ta-Dah!

One of my 2012 Resolutions has been to finish my 2011 unfinished-projects and I'm very happy to have this one done, especially seeing as it was meant for Christmas...

But before you see it be warned, it looks like a giant pink fluffy caterpillar!!!

Pink fluffy wrap

I've told my mum she really doesn't have to wear it out if she doesn't want to just-because-her-daughter-made-it. It's not that I don't like it, I kinda do which I didn't think I would but it just seems rather large now it's finished!

This is me wearing it:

Pink fluffy wrap

I'm pulling a silly face so I chopped my head off for blogging purposes :)

If you'd like to create one the yarn is Patons UK Lulu in Colorway
07005 (pink/purple). I cast on 36 stitches (I like even numbers) and knitted until my mum said STOP!

Well it's 1 down and a possible 5 to go before I can start anything else. Boo! The start of 2012 is going to be rubbish!!

Now if my herbs will just start to grow I can create some culinary masterpieces!!



  1. Aw.. please post the photo with the funny face! I think the scarf is lovely and fluffy! I would like to wear it in bed when I read! :)x

  2. That fluffy scarf looks warm and soft!! it doesnt look that large, and you shouldnt have chopped your head off he he, it would have been fun to see silly faces :)

    Good luck with the culinary masterpiece, they are in very cute plant pots :)

  3. I am sure your Mom loves her are being very disciplined completing your projects...good luck and good luck with those herbs too :)

  4. I knitted a scarf with that type of yarn in red, white and blue stripes.. fun to wear!! You'll enjoy your herbs.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Ooh it looks so soft and fluffy, it must have been quite a challenge to knit with that yarn... Well done! :-) xxxx

  6. Yummy cosy scarf... I love to wear things that aren't boring and this is FAB!! Great colour too :-)

    Louise xx

  7. I've knitted some of those caterpillars, mine were lilac. There must be a plague!
    Carol xx


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