Thursday, 21 June 2012


I just wanted to pop by and tell you how much I absolutely LOVE chunky yarn - I mean seriously love!

My usual yarn is DK but I've always thought how great chunky yarn would be. Imagine how quickly you could knit up a scarf or a snood.... I was so right!

I only got hold of this yarn on Saturday (and didn't start knitting til Sunday) and look what I've got already!!

Chunky snood
This is the beginnings of a new snood :-) I can't wait to be able to wear it, it's going to be so soft and cosy!

I bought some new 10mm bamboo circular needles from ebay (ooops, I need to leave feedback for that...) and they're amazing to use, so soft and the cable bit pulls through nicely. I realised today that somehow (I've NO idea how) I've managed to twist the snood so it's been a dilemma; do I start again or carry on?

Chunky snood
So I've decided to carry on... My thinking is it will look interesting, and if it turns out not to work then this really hasn't taken any time at all to start again.

The yarn is "seriously chunky" by Cygnet in Barley shade 4884. I haven't paid for it yet as my mum picked it up, but I think it was about £1.99 a ball for 100g so pretty bargainous!

Oooh, it's finally stopped raining. At last :-)

Good night my lovelies!

x x x x


  1. It is looking really good and I love the colour of the yarn!

  2. What a bargain! The only problem with chunky is when you go back to DK it seems to be really slow.
    We had really heavy rain today but I think it is warmer, might consider shedding the thermals lol.
    Carol xx

  3. I agree, Nicole, chunky/bulky is fun to work with; and your snood is making good progress even with a twist.
    I am going to knit some more rounds on my bulky weight Merino blanket today!
    We have had a two day break in the rain and it actually is near 80 degrees! [near Portland, OR]
    Summer has arrived :) [finally]
    Gracie <3

  4. The beauty of chunky yarn is the project goes so fast, which gives you such a sense of accomplishment! I hope you've been able to visit my blog and see my trip to Washington DC.. we saw a lot!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. It looks lovely. I wish they sold chunky yarn around here.

  6. Nice color and I would leave it too. I made a blanket with chunky yarn and it only took about 3 days. Works up fast and is so soft.

  7. Oooo lovely! I like chunky too :-)

    Lori xx


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