Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday night catch up x

Oops, I missed this weeks Tuesdays Tallies & it's only the second one, tut tut!  I'll have a double whammy next week I promise :)

Part of my excuse was having a busy Bank Holiday down in London.  I'm very lucky to have wonderful friends & family down there and blessed that J seems happy to spend weekends travelling down with me :)

We made the most of the amazing weather (sunny on a Bank Holiday?!) and went to Rochester on Saturday.

It's an old town and has lots of quaint little shops, my favourite is Hometown which had moved into a bigger shop!  It sells some of the most beautiful fabric I've ever seen, really difficult to leave empty handed but me proud of me because somehow I did!


It sells

I love wooden painted doors and this one's a great colour but I probably won't be doing ours like that if we get a house :) And look at all the bunting, there was loads!

We stopped for lunch & I proved J wrong; I was not sick after having half a sausage sandwich/barm and a chocolate fudge milkshake!

We popped into a random shop which I think was called the Market, really it was like a massive charity / junk shop (you should have seen the old computers & fax machines!) & there was far too much stuff to look at but look what I did find...

More knitting needles than I've ever seen 

I've got quite a lot of needles already so I was only really looking for something colorful but do you think I could find a pair?  In the end I settled for some pink aluminium DPNs and a needle size gauge which I've been after for ages

So speaking of DPNs, I finished my little jar cosie which fits nicely onto a salsa jar & is now full of odds and sods :)


x x x x


  1. I've just come back from London myself (I love visiting my old haunts!). I remember visiting Rochester, years and years ago, for a Dickens Christmas and it was amazing. Those knitting needles look like a piece of art! Have a great weekend. Chel x

  2. Looks like a very nice trip! I would have had trouble leaving the fabric behind. :)

  3. What a treasure trove of knitting needles! You could pick out different colors and use them as art in your jar. LOVE your knitted jar jacket! Good to see your lovely city. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. We had sun here too and it was packed on Lyme Regis beach. Your pictures capture a busy place and I love the light on the needles photos. I knit with odd needles while wearing odd socks but that is just me!!

  5. You deserve a medal, leaving the shop without buying fabric! xxx

  6. So lovely to catch up with you Nicole, I've been away in Spain and internetless for an entire month! I am most impressed with your afternoon tea dress, how fabulous you look in your own creation!! :-) xxxx

  7. Hometown is one of my very favourite shops too - I was there last Saturday and didn't buy anything either ... That is definitely a record! I didn't manage to get into the Market this time but found lots of thread on a previous visit - you never know what will be in there!

  8. Mmmmmmmmmm Chocolate fudge milkshake!! xxx

  9. A post of loveliness! Hometown looks like a great little shop, and well done for leaving empty handed too.

    Its nice to catch up with you, I would love to go down to London one weekend!


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