Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Choosing colour

It's not working!!! :(  

I totally thought I had it, what other colour would sort out my blanket than....  


So I hooked up these four squares and I was pretty excited until last night when I put them with the other colours & it just doesn't work for me.  Not one bit.


I tried it without the green, and it's better but I do like the green so I'm not sure now what to do.  I've decided the purple is too dark, it either needs a shade between to made it blend or it needs to go.  It's only four squares and they can be saved for another project.


I went back to my original colour palette with an even mix of colours but the problem with this is I've run out of Pomegranate, Wisteria and Meadow
so if I want an even mix this is as big as it can get!


I added in the grey, which I'm still happy with because it's not too far from the Wisteria / Lavender shades.


I might have run out of Stylecraft but I do have some lovely shades of pink sent to me by Nanita who if you remember ages ago I did a swap with? I posted about it here, two years ago!!

I haven't used all of the yarn so I'm going to see how more pink works out...  And then decide whether to go all pink or try to keep with a bit of green... This was supposed to be fun right?  ;)

x x x x


  1. Oh thank goodness someone else like me. I wonder at the wonderful ability of some lovely crafters who can just "see" colours.
    The trouble is we all see things in such a different way. I definitely love the green there.
    Thanks for popping into Chalkys and leaving such a lovely comment about the Fuschia Mandelas

  2. Have you tried 'The Design Seed' for colour inspiration?(Google's your friend for finding the link). Hope to see your lovely finished blanket soon. :-)

  3. Yes I think the purple is too dark, it looks almost brown....I prefer the green in your colour palette than the purple :) I hope you manage to figure something out :)

  4. This is difficult! I'm having the same problem on a blanket I've started and it's driving me bonkers. The purple is lovely, but somehow it clashes a bit with the green...mmm. Do you prefer more contrast in your project or do you want to keep the general tone soft? I think adding Stylecraft Grey might be pretty, or Denim too! Or go without the green after all (and keep the purple)... Sorry I'm not more of a help! :D xxxx

  5. I've had the same problem recently with some cotton bamboo I got for a holiday project. When hooked up two of the colours just didn't go. How could I have not noticed this in the shop when buying the yarn? I guess I'm just not good at choosing colour schemes. Think I may take Nana go-go s advice and try the design seed for some inspiration.

    Melanie x

  6. I often have this problem Nicole,you are not alone in this tricky 'getting the colours right', I think the purple is too dark too, grey looks much more sympathetic with the other colours. I often taken my squares to my LYS and play around with colour combinations until it looks right and i'm happy xox Penny

  7. Oh I hate it when that happens. For some colour inspiration go the a blog called Little woollie she uses a similar colour palette. She sells wool but you can just check out the colours to then go and get a stylecraft match. Hope that helps. Jo x

  8. I love your little granny squares and I think you are going to get it just right - cant wait to see it all sewn together x

  9. I agree that the purple "fights" with the pretty pastels of the other colors. I also like the green with the pinks.. goodness, it should be fun and not stressful. I know you'll work it out. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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