Saturday, 10 May 2014

Little projects

Although I'm technically still making a blanket (which is definitely not a little project) it's become side lined with all the little things I've been making instead

Crochet flowers

My mum kindly took these photos for me of the present I made her for mothers day.  The pattern is
Amigurumi Potted Plant
 by Lion Brand, which according to Ravelry I saved three years ago!  It always helps to save things for later x

You can sneakily peak my parents garden in the background, it's absolutely lush and they've spent a lot of time on it, especially in the last couple of years.  We had a BBQ at the weekend, after an initial technical hitch because we didn't have fire lighters we threw on a whole bag of kindling (overkill?) and I've got to say we did pretty well!  My Dad was the most relieved because his last BBQ took about 4 hours and I think the food ended up being oven cooked because the coals didn't get hot!

Crochet flowers

J & I went to London last weekend and spotted on the Underground that the Olympic park is now open (and free) so we decided to have a visit.



I really like what they've done with the landscaping because it's not at all formal and there are lots of wild flowers to encourage wildlife



The park was absolutely packed so although it was a bit too busy it's nice to see the area being used.  I'm pretty sure that before 2012 (and before construction began) it was a bit of a wasteland here so to be able to enjoy it now is quite lovely.


I'm still disappointed that this isn't actually a roller coaster.



I think the helter skelter was £6 to go on, which if you ask me is a complete rip off.  I went on one two years ago at Tatton Park flower show for about a pound!  Grrrr

Despite the pricey food (bring a picnic) there is loads of cool stuff for kids like a climbing wall, fountains and play areas


Back at home my Dad helped me to put together a charm bracelet.  I only asked him for some pliers or something to help pull apart the jump rings and he came back with about 5 different tools, a stand to hold the chain with a magnifying glass and solder.  Result!


This is my first attempt at jewellery making and while it was incredibly frustrating at first, and I stabbed myself with some pliers between the eyes (luckily not in the eyes) I quite enjoyed it.  Actually no I didn't, I liked it when it was finished!!


Sadly it was not made for me and has been given to F for her birthday.  She's a music teacher and her girlfriend is really into tennis so I was lucky to find the most appropriate charms!


I had to make the little rings above the flowers on the end (this is how I stabbed myself) but look how neat!!  Not bad for a first go?


They're all soldered into place to keep them from falling off, no corners were cut here where my Dad was concerned!

Alas I think weekend chores are calling :-(  We had a good old tidy a few weeks ago to be slightly more presentable when the first of our friends came to visit, but now it's state again!

x x x x

P.S I met little O at the weekend and my friends really loved his presents!


  1. Good to see the park being used, we are planning a trip to London in October so it might be a good idea. Jo x

  2. I love the amigurumi plant! Your parents have a wonderful garden, so cozy! Well done on the charm bracelet as well, what a lovely present. I've been making some bracelets as well, simple beaded stretch bracelets. No doubt a lot easier, no potentially dangerous tools involved! ;-) xxxx

  3. That gift you made for you Mum is amazing! I've done jewelry making for years and you did a fine job on yours. Too bad you didn't get to keep it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. That is a beautiful bracelet! I bet your friend will cherish it! Fab photos of London, thanks for sharing...and the 'plant' is just wonderful! Chrissie x

  5. Bet your mum loved her present it is lovely and oh that charm bracelet is fantastic!
    Yes I would love that framework to be a rollercoaster too lol
    Nice of you to share xoxo

  6. What a great idea for Mother's Day. And a proper charm bracelet, I'm not keen on the modern ones, like Troll beads. Well done, it's lovely.
    S xx

  7. Hi Nicole! I really enjoy reading your blog! I've nominated you for an award. If you are interested in participating, here is the link. Hope you had a lovely day today!

  8. Seeing your pictures of the Olympic Park brings back so many happy memories, thanks for showing them. I really much get over there before long.
    I love that potted plant, it would make a great housewarming gift!

  9. Wow! You gave your mum a treasure of a plant, Nicole, really lovely. Thanks for sharing some views of the park, as well. I'm glad the space is getting used and appreciated in spite of the pricey parts. It was kind and handy of your dad to help with the bracelet project but I'm sorry you whacked your head with one of the tools! xx


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