Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Meow meow?

I knew it had been a while since I last sat down to blog, but I didn't realise it had been quite so long.  I haven't felt like writing really but I've been content with knitting, crocheting and reading instead. Projects definitely need photographing but all in good time.

We welcomed some new additions to our house a few weeks ago...  One who is fairly intent on stopping me from working


And the other loves sleeping on our bed and waiting for her favourite hooman (J) to come home


It hasn't been plain sailing and I won't pretend that it has, but they've both settled in really well now and we're making great progress.  Obviously you never know where they've come from, what their owner was like, what they ate, so it's a big learning curve for us all.  Right now Moggie is snoozing on the sofa and Dizzy is lounging near the kitchen, hoping we might feed him.

Will be back soon hopefully, with less tails of cats and more tales of knitting!

x x x x


  1. Aww that made me smile. I am still trying to catch up in Blogland I am very behind. This post is lovely, I love the new additions. Rescuing an animal is such a rewarding thing to do. It can take time and patience though. They don't look like they have had much trouble making themselves at home. xx

  2. Congrats on adopting two new family members into your life! They look sweet. But I know what you mean about how it's not a piece of cake.. I got one kitten once and it kept me up ALL night yowling and I took it back the next day. :-) I also adopted a feral cat and it took forever to get close to it, then I had to move and when I tried to catch it to put it in a cat carrier, it totally went FERAL again and I had to get the cat rescue place to trap it and return it. Sheesh! Good luck with yours. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Aww, congratulations on your new family members, love their names! :-) xxxx

  4. Cute pet. Show us your projects Nicole!!! I love your stuff. Jo x

  5. Hi Nicole, is great to hear from you! Your new family members are adorable::: but I want to see new projects! :D hugs!

  6. So good to check in with you again, Nicole :) Your new family members look like such furry fun. How do they like your yarn? xx


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