Thursday, 1 January 2015

The end and a start

I can't quite believe that it's January, but I feel that 2014 has been packed full & I'm happy to say that I don't have many regrets.  We finished decorating our bedroom in February which I never thought we'd see the end of.

DIY done

We also put up blinds and curtains in our living room, painted our bathroom (put up another blind) painted the outside window sills, painted the yard and made a planter


I personally had a brilliant time at Glastonbury and couldn't have wished for a better week.  Ok there's one regret, we haven't (yet) managed to get tickets for 2015!

Glastonbury 2014

We had a lovely family holiday to Italy in the Summer, our lesson learnt will be to print maps as well as use a satnav...

Italy 2014

We adopted Diz and Mogs


And this happened...  But we got through the first few weeks and we have a well adjusted cat, Mogs was always perfect hehe


I made a lot of stuff!


And as a Christmas / Birthday present to me I've ordered a dressmakers dummy (which should be here by now) so I can get down to some proper sewing, I can't wait!  

I've got a blanket or two lined up for 2015 and I need to finish Dr Who, but mostly I plan to sew if possible and get builders in to rid me of my 70s fireplace...

I hope 2014 saw you right and that 2015 sees you even better

x x x x


  1. Hi Nicole, I love that planter. Happy New Year to you and good luck with the sewing. I made a dress today and felt much better afterwards! Jo x

    1. I think it's all your sewing which has inspired me the most! x

  2. It looks like a fantabulous year for you - your kitchen is AWESOME! I'm glad the naughty kitty settled down. I look forward to seeing your dress form! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks :-) I can't take much credit for the kitchen as the people before us put it in, but it was definitely the selling point of the house for me x

  3. You have really accomplished a lot in 2014, Nicole! [including taming a wild cat :-) !] Hoping you have a happy productive 2015 as well! Happy Stitching! xx

  4. Oh I love those kitties of yours and all the things you made xo

  5. Sounds like 2014 was a great year for you...and you made lots of lovely things too! Happy new year!
    Marianne x

    1. Thanks Marianne, Happy New Year to you too x


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