Sunday, 24 October 2010

Manchester Craft Fair

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

One of the things I love about living in a Manchester is having so many events on my doorstep. We have loads of markets, my favourites being the Christmas Markets and absolutely I can't wait til November when they open! This year alone I've been to the Spring Markets where I got this little fella


a Vintage Fair in the Triagle (I love love loved this) and yesterday a last minute trip to the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Spinningfields. There were some really beautiful designs, lots of lovely jewellery, cushions, art work, paintings, knitted things - If I'd have one that £113m on the Lotto I would have walked away with a lot more than my modest purchase I tell you! More on that later. Most of the designers had little postcards to take away with their details, here are some of my favourites:

Lynsey Walters Jewellery

Suzie Johnson

Suzie Johnson

These fab tea towels were only £10 although my friend and I both agreed we could never use them for drying dishes even though the girls on the stand encouraged us that we could! She bought three in the end (it was a difficult choice!) one to frame and hang in her own kitchen and two to part with as Christmas presents; lucky friends!

Teresa Green

Ruth Green

This last little stand was my absolute favourite, no need to explain why I'm sure. Loooooooooook at the little knitted cacti pin cushion! What a fabulous idea! The pins are its needles see! OH I loved this so much, I think I might have done a little dance in the shop (which was tiny!) Just as exciting were the Christmas Tree pin cushions which had pins with those coloured pearly heads to look like lights and baubles!! Ahhhh pure loveliness.

& Made

It was pretty obvious then that my modest purchase was of course going to be:

Cactus pin cushion


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  1. Thank you for these lovely kind words - please feel free to come & dance in the shop any time!
    bestest wishes -


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