Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Short days and short weekends


With the days getting shorter and shorter by the time I get home from work there isn't much light left so I haven't been quite as busy making things as I'd like, but aren't the sunsets looking beautiful?

Weekends are my favourite time so on Saturday I got up nice and early (well it was about 10 o'clock, but thats early by my standards!) and decided to get the sewing machine out. I recently took a trip to Hobbycraft and came back with some lovely material, to replace the old first cushion cover I made way way back last year. Don't feel too sorry for it, it had a good life!


You will need an 8 inch zip, pins and thread. The smaller cushion which I have photographed is 12"x12".

Cut two squares measuring 13"x13".

Plain square

Draw a 1/4" guide around the edge for the seams.


Place the two squares together, right sides facing. Using the bottom seam, sew two 3" lines from across the two edges; this will leave you with an 6" gap for the zip.

This is the tricky bit. Fold the top seam of each square and press with an iron. Place with the right side facing up and position the zip underneath. You can pin and tack the zip to the fabric if you wish.


Use the zipper foot of your sewing machine and sew around the zip. This is what it will look like from the back:


And from the front:


Now you can sew up the remaining side BUT remember to open up the zip first. You will not believe how many covers I've had to un-pick because I couldn't turn it inside out!


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